Waka Flocka Saves 53 Year Old Woman, Wale Reacts To Losing His “Bad” Girl, Amanda Bynes Puts Rap Over Playboy?

2. Badder Than Ever


Wale no longer has Tiara Thomas and while it must have hurt a bit, it probably was even worse when he found out she was going to join Interscope Records/Div1 with Rico Love. Leave it to Wale to put his emotions on the table. Necole Bitchie is all over it:


“Their situation met through [me] I was recording with the situation she’s in now and they met. It’s just the game though. My thing is I don’t really believe in paperwork too soon cause I like to show and prove what I can do. And I ain’t want to scare nobody. Like yo ‘let’s make the music, let’s vibe.’ You live and learn so that’s why I’ll kick myself before I complain about somebody else. It’s the music business! Like a lot of people ain’t ya friend-friend for real sometimes. She got her situation and she’s happy. I learned. I have a big heart. I give give give, I take producers off the street back home and I say, ‘come on, roll with me and we gon get this money. I’m gonna find you a niche’. I do that.” (Necole Bitchie)

Should Wale have made a stronger effort to keep Tiara Thomas? After all, he is signed to Maybach Music Group, one of the hottest labels/imprints in the music industry right now. Any chance we’ll hear Tiara and Wale again? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

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  • green_ messiah

    Amanda has some nice tits but what happened to her face? Nobody would buy her album either. She needs to get real.

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Waka flocka Waka flocka Waka flocka
    Is a Boss
    Just saying