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Let’s face it, men are just as concerned with their looks as women, they just don’t want to be caught buying the girly products. To solve the problem, FaceLube, a men’s skincare line, and champion boxer, Victor Ortiz, have teamed up to give the men what they want: VO by FaceLube. With guaranteed results and an automotive finish to the packaging, no man can go wrong with this product. Want to know what’s really great about this brand, check out FaceLube’s founder, Candace Chen’s, top five reasons to cop VO by FaceLube.

1. Above The Competition

Outdoing the competition wasn’t hard. VO By FaceLube is built from the ground up for men, and delivers results. There’s nothing girly about VO By FaceLube. FaceLube respects masculinity, and we’re not shy about it. It’s designed to target multiple signs of facial aging—from wrinkles and crows feet to skin tone and laugh lines. Men don’t need a bunch of different face creams and gadgets for younger, healthier looking skin. VO By FaceLube is highly concentrated and very eco-friendly—no sulfates, no parabens, no silicone, no PEG, no dyes, no perfumes. Plus, at just $45 for a complete three-step kit, VO By FaceLube is very affordable and proudly made in the USA!
Reason 2: You’re So Vain

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