Uncle Murda’s ‘Ain’t Nothing Sweet’ – “I Want Your Girl To Think Outside The Box This V-Day”


Are you tired of the sweet ol’ Valentine’s Day candies and sweets? Do you need something for the male lover in your life? Are you celebrating V-Day dolo and need to show the world you can do fine all by yourself?

Today, check out Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda‘s top five reasons you need to give his Ain’t Nothing Sweet mixtape a try this Valentine’s Day!

1. Think Outside The Box

If you love your girl, I want a n*gga to go do a drive-by with your girl. That’s what this music is going to make you want to do. I want your girl to think outside the box this Valentine’s Day. Have a menage-a-trois with your n*gga. Give your man h**d for two hours this Valentine’s Day. I just got a little bit of music for everybody on here. I’m introducing my crew as well, GMG.

2. No-Weirdo Zone

You need this mixtape in your life because there’s a lot of weirdo music out there. There’s not too many people talking for certain types of people. You need this music so you don’t feel like you have to be a weirdo. You don’t have to wear tight pants and things of that nature.

3. Throwback

I’m taking it back to an era where we talked about why we had to sell drugs and things like that. I talk about our upbringing and things of that nature. These guys are out here telling you to take drugs and pop Molly. I’m not into that. I’m not into taking drugs.

4. Forget The Police

If you don’t like the police, that’s another reason. If the police ever gave you a ticket on some bullsh*t or whatever the f*ck it is and you don’t like them because they pulled you over for no f*cking reason, that’s a big reason you need to mess with this mixtape.

5. Meet My Crew


I think you need this mixtape because I’ve been screaming GMG forever but never actually presented a GMG project. I got some talented motherf*ckers with me. You gotta check out my crew.