Twista’s “Dark Horse” – “Kanye West, Common…I’m Like That Triangle Right There, The Three-Headed Monster”

dark horse twista cover art
Are you ready for the return of Chicago’s OG? Twista is back with his newest album Dark Horse on August 12, promising to be as dope as the rapper’s previous work.

Today, Twista himself gives you his top 5 reasons why you need to buy Dark Horse. [Make sure to read each reason for a chance to win your own copy!] #darkhorse

Reason 1: Still Going Strong

It’s a dope dope album to have for the time. I like the ride of picking up where I left off. So hopefully when people hear the album, they’ll still feel that same feeling that they felt from the previous album and not feel like I’ve lost a step in any kind of way.
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Reason 2: Crazy Dope Features