Trinidad James – 10PC Mild

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Representing out the ATL, Trinidad James has made quite a name for himself in the past year. Fresh off his groundbreaking single “All Gold Everything” and the release of his Don’t Be S.A.F.E mixtape, the Def Jam Records signee returns with a ten track feast of all new exclusives. With his unique style and his willingness to be himself regardless of the naysayers, James has formed his own lane which he rides in stress free.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download 10PC Mild.

1. Lets Eat

Trinidad broke the news of his new musical offering to Hot 97′s own Miss Info a few weeks ago. “I got a new project ready to come out, it’s called 10 Piece Mild, which is my favorite thing to order in Atlanta at the wing spot called American Deli. Ten songs of course, that’s my strategy. I really love it – I love it like I loved my first project.” He also explained one of the differences between this new drop and his first release. “To me it’s different because the beat selection is better.” James links up with one of the hottest producers out right now, Chi-Town’s Young Chop. He also has production from Travis $cott, Childish Major and his engineer who worked on James first project, Jay Patron.

2. Back On It

There are some booming sounds on 10PC Mild. James keeps up the high energy throughout the drop and his free spirited vibe is exhibited without restriction. He stands out and is not ashamed by it, which is somewhat different within the usual Hip Hop standards of needing a certain image to become successful. That truly is the appeal of TJ. He just does him, from his clothes to his flows. The Young Chop produced “Jumpin’ Off Texa$” is an explosive collab with Rich Homie Quan who is making his own waves right now as well. What people may feel James lacks in lyrical dexterity he makes up for in delivery, voice and colorful ad-libs. He sounds like he his having the time of his life in the booth. “Jumpin’ Off Texa$”, is one of those lively joints that will have people wildin’ out in the club.

“Oh Lord! These n*gg*s mad!/
They seen Rich Homie, then they seen ‘dad!/
All we get is money, all my b*tches bad/
N*gg* you wanna fight? Then bring yo’ @ss!/
N*gg* I’m turnt up, I don’t think you know me/
You let us in yo’ club, we tear it up, call the police!” – Trinidad James


3. Positivity Only

Trinidad James has received love for his music but has also seen the flipside of it as well. Not everybody is impressed with his talent or content. He handles the criticism well though, which makes him hard to hate on a personal level, whether or not you like his sounds. He tries to push positivity at all times which is commendable. In his latest interview with Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg, he talks about dealing with negativity and learning to handle the backlash towards him whether it’s through the media, or anonymous fans on the internet.

4. Just Enough

10PC Mild opens up with samples of some of TJ’s past features thus far like the ASAP Ferg hit “Work” (Remix). He ends the intro with the statement, “A lot of gold, a lot of h*es don’t mean nothing if you don’t got no soul. N*gg*s might hate me, but it’s a reason why I was chose. Amen.” Hot joints to check for include the scorching posse cut “Ea$tside” and the rowdy wild out song ‘$hut Up!!!”. “Hip$ter $trip Club” switches it up and is something more laid back and mellow.


5. Features

Trinidad James brings a diverse list of features to this new release. Danny Brown, Rich Homie Quan, Playa Fly, Travi$ Scott, Young Scooter, Alley Boy, Childish Gambino, Gucci Mane, Fabo (D4L) and CyHi The Prynce are all included on 10PC Mild.


  • GiveUpThaGooDs

    Wack niggas.

    • HiDEFtheWhiteFacedNiggerHater

      EAT A DICK

  • pureuncut513

    Is this a joke its to early for this.. but im guessing he’ll do about 30k

    • seveneightyseven

      it’s a mixtape homie

      • pureuncut513

        Didn’t even read that far bra… I guess ill save my hate for a later date lol

        • Truth Powell

          u just showed the ignorance of the haters. thanks.

          • pureuncut513

            Just my opinion this guys music sucks no substance all flash if you can relate to it good for you

          • Truth Powell

            but an opinion based on an incomplete set of facts is stupid.

            When I first saw the video for All Gold Everything I was like wtf is this hipster wocka flocka shit. But then I heard the album and dude was talking some shit and the beats knocked.

            “Now my side bitch, my main bitch, cause my main ho, ain’t feeling me no mo, no mo

            Fuck love it’s overrated
            Was fellowshiped, Now I’m reinstated
            Might need a witness, these bitches crazy
            Let me say it again, (these bitches crazy)
            Fucked her once, now I’m swayze
            Fucked her twice, (now I’m swayze)
            Put my partner on
            He got her pregnant
            Man fuck life, life ignorant”
            Trinidad James – Females Welcomed
            That’s some sarcastic real life shit. And that perfectly sums up his style.

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    He got his own style so I respect that
    Just sayin

  • yodre

    Gold errthing!!! haha

  • NYY27

    I can give you 5 reasons why I WONT buy this garbage. 1. He has no lyrical content.

    • bham-Jeff co.

      negro its free

  • Jayb8408

    This is the type of shit that is wrong with hip hop.. Right here

    • Truth Powell

      It’s people like you that don’t really listen and want to throw judgements left and right. Trinidad James speaks real life stuff. Things any man living a real life can relate to. He’s not the same as these other fake get money rappers.
      This isn’t as good as his first release but still has some joints. 10 pc mild is an adequate name. He needs to come with that 10 pc spicy.