Trey Songz Responds To Nicki Minaj, Drake Says He’s A Raptor, Vivica A. Fox’s Worst Or Best Career Move?

Flashy Friday. It’s a day filled with flashy-ness, so why not get things started with Trey Songz responding to Nicki Minaj? If a mediator should be called, who better than Drake? But he might be too busy comparing himself to a Raptor? Maybe we should start thinking foxy, as in Vivica A. Fox? But could her next career move make or break her? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Love Bullets

Who better to shoot love bullets than Trey Songz? After Nicki Minaj started calling people out with her “Lookin’ A** N*gga,” it looks like Trey Songz is speaking up for the men. Rap-Up is all over this:

Instead of penning a love song this Valentine’s Day, Trey Songz is putting bitches on blast. The R&B heartthrob has recorded a scathing response to Nicki Minaj male-bashing single “Lookin’ Ass Ni**a,” on which he takes aim at the groupies and gold diggers.

“Look at ya’ll worn out, whored out, slored out, pu**y walls tore out, all ya’ll bitches,” raps a relentless Trey on the three-minute freestyle.

But the dignified women shouldn’t feel offended. “No disrespect at all to my women that are ladies that carry themselves unlike these bitches,” he explains. (Rap-Up)

Are you co-signing this Valentine’s Day treat? Can Trigger still do his thing or what? Isn’t it time for Trey and Nicki to hook up for some new music? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Rappin’ Raptor

Drake may not have the most love for Rolling Stone especially after accusing them of making up fake quotes, but one quote he might have to stick to is comparing himself to one of the Toronto Raptors players. It’s one thing that Drake played basketball on “Degrassi” but comparing himself to a real NBA player? Complex has the skinny:

Everyone is talking about Drake’s feature in the new issue of Rolling Stone right now. They’re talking about his thoughts on the text that Macklemore sent to Kendrick Lamar after the 2014 Grammy Awards. They’re talking about the shots that he took at Kanye West. They’re even talking about the weird photo of Drake in the bathtub that RS ran in the issue. But what we (we being the Complex Sports team) were most interested in after checking out the piece—which you can find over here—is the fact that Raptors forward Terrence Ross got a random shout out in the article.

We’re not really surprised by it. After all, Drizzy is running with the Raptors these days. But in the RS feature, Drake seems to go out of his way to get Ross into the article. He talks about the pressure that he faces from fans now that he’s accomplished so much in his career. And he compares it to something that Ross was able to do recently.

“The other night, one of my good friends, Terrence Ross, scored, like, 51 points at one point,” he says. “People were going crazy, rejoicing: ‘This guy is up next!’ I was that guy at one point—refreshing and new and people wanted me to win. But it’s like, there are guys that do that every night, and people get tired of them doing it. I feel like people are tired of me doing 40, 50 points. I gotta go put up 100 in one night for people to say, ‘Damn!'” (Complex)

Is Drake feeling himself a little too much? In his defense, he does make club anthems and receives constant radio play. Can you blame him for feeling like an NBA star? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Foxed In

Is Vivica A. Fox on the verge of a serious comeback? She used to be the “it” woman in Hollywood, or at least during those Booty Call days, and it’d be good to know she still has a strong buzz and can make quality films. Sharknado 2? RumorFix has info:

Get excited, because Sharknado 2 has added a whole bunch of D-Listers to its program!

Syfy begins filming for the highly anticipated movie in New York City next week, and to get the public excited for the flick, the network released some of the casting info to Deadline on Wednesday.

Returning star Tara Reid will be joined by Vivica A. Fox, Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath, Kelly Osbourne, Andy Dick, Judah Friedlander and Judd Hirsch.

We can’t wait. (RumorFix)

As much as people want to hate on those straight-to-television movies, Sharknado made such a splash last year. It really won people over. Could a sequel with Vivica A. Fox be what’s needed to get her back into the Hollywood pipeline again? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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  • Guest

    Trey songs is right. Drake still lame and even more so now. Vivicas worst move was fuckin up her face wit botox she didn’t need. She used 2 b a fly bitch, natural beauty, but now she’s the black Joan Rivers. So now str8 to television is the only work she’s gonna get

  • MoePigeons

    Trey did the damn thing. It’s about time someone called out these BITCHES. (ShoutOut to Barbie for calling out these NIGGAZ).

    Drake has a right to speak His mind. HE WAS HOT, now he sounds redundant, bitter, and broken hearted.

    I’m going to watch Sharknado for the first time now. Part two sounds interesting.


    Fame and talent in today’s music industry does not last forever, it seems to be more and more of the same.