Tony Yayo – Godfather Of The Ghetto


Queens, NY is back in the building with the man known as “The Top Of New York”, Tony Yayo. As a founding member of G-Unit, Yayo has returned with a fresh release just in time for the change of season. Scorching the streets with fifteen original tracks, Yayo takes it back to his origins on this one. Make sure you get this rocking in your rotation.

Here are’s 5 Reasons to download “Godfather Of The Ghetto”.

1. Here We Go Now!

Tony Yayo brings his hard delivery, street tales and club bangers to the table with this new release. The opening track “Tommy Story” talks of street situations gone bad, while “Sunshine” has Yayo reminiscing on the hard times while accepting the good success. “The Good Die Young” recalls unfortunate situations in the hood. Yayo always has something for smooth for the ladies on the Marvin Gaye sampled “Sexual Healing”. Tony has always had a good ear for production as well. There are a variety of different themes throughout “Godfather Of The Ghetto”, as Tony covers all bases.

2. On The Run

Although Yayo hasn’t dropped a major label release since his 2005 debut “Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon” he stays working. He recently rocked the X Games in Barcelona with 50 Cent, Precious Paris, and Kidd Kidd. Yayo has consistent exposure to fans in and out the U.S.A. which leads to heads always checking for his music. In the clip provided below via, fans can peep Yayo and the rest of the Unit on their recent visit to Barcelona, Spain.

3. Say What!

You know when Yayo goes in with the bars – he does it the Southside way. He hits the listener with those reality bars. Check for the standout “Dangerous Minds”.

“The future don’t care no more/
NYPD cameras catchin n*ggas go to war/
High School they’ll hit you in the daytime/
So Emilio ain’t in class – Dangerous Minds/
And everybody throwing gang signs/
My era’s North Face laced with a thousand dimes/
And I done f*cked about a thousand dimes/
And been around the world about a thousand times/
Rest in peace to Trayvon Martin/
Got the strap for the police in the Aston Martin” – Tony Yayo “Dangerous Minds”


4. Pushing Units

For the first time in a minute we hear the other two original member’s of G-Unit featured on a Yayo project. Although they are not all featured on the same song, this dispels any talk of G-Unit not working together anymore. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo refined the way mixtapes were created and have iconic mixtape status. Yayo has been one of the most active artists on the circuit within the past few years linking up with heavyweights such as DJ Superstar Jay and DJ Drama for drops. He dropped a very underrated project with popular Detriot artist Danny Brown and helped to put him on the radar with “Hawaiian Snow” in 2010. Of course, check out any of the classic G-Unit Radio mixtapes that were put together by DJ Whoo Kid.


5. Features

As previously mentioned 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks are both featured on “Godfather Of The Ghetto”. 50 does the hook and is joined with Kidd Kidd on “Move”, while Banks drops a hot 16 on “Selling Keys”. Chi-Towns own Twista checks in on “Girlfriend”, while soul singer Raheem DeVaughn appears on “If Love Is”. Rounding out the guests Harlem’s own Ron Brownz brings back his auto-tune on “Up And Down”. There is no guest deejay.


  • bread

    He’s Known as The Talk of New York…Not top… The mixtape is fire

  • GregSki86

    I used to fucks w/ the unit heavy and all that but Yayo been done since he got outta prison all them years ago. IMO nigga was the best on G-Unit BEFORE the bid and then after….couple hot lines…..his career dead on arrival, sorry to say that Banks gettin’ there to

    • green_messiah

      Shut yo ass up faggot

      • underground

        this idiot been stalking people online 4 a minute

  • yours truly Sam trilla

    His first record is probably the weakest record I ever heard ye new record a close 2nd

  • BillyBobJohn

    I gave this tape a listen for a laugh but it turned out to be pretty good so i downloaded it.

  • box5

    Mixtape is knot, that Marvin sample is crazy, great tape yell

  • green_ messiah

    How come the bars that they post on these articles are always some dumb shit? I think this is the thought process when these rhymes were written “okay something, something,something about trayvon martin because that is a hot topic and….hmmmm…….oh Ashton Martin sounds good. ” Another bar completed and yayo pats himself on the back.

    • green_messiah


      • green_ messiah

        You amuse me me like a clown. Get a life lil nigga.