Thug Life 2013

  • B_Low

    yeah nigga

  • whoa

    In November of 1993, 22- year old rapper Tupac Shakur shot 2 racist, threatening, belligerent and apparently crooked, off-duty Atlanta Police Officers. One officer was wounded in the buttocks, the other in the abdomen. Although up against two men who were trained and licensed to kill by the state, Pac emerged from the scene unscathed. Evidence later revealed that the officers had returned fire at
    Shakur using guns that had actually been stolen from the Atlanta Crime Evidence Locker.

    In 1993, 22- year old Tupac Shakur shot two racist, threatening, belligerent and apparently crooked off-duty cops.

    Nowadays, your favorite rapper hires them for security.

    Tupac….. Coming Soon.

  • itsjustthatreal

    Was up with the video?