“They Feel Like They’re Next To Take Over The Country & The World”

Mobile, Alabama’s Cleve B

The Alabama movement is stronger than its ever been. We’ve been looking for outside resources to shine light on the state so this feature is right on time. There’s an artist everyone should be up on and that’s Cleve B.

Cleve has a distinctive voice and he has dreads. He’s iced out, has the whole top grill down with the diamonds. When you first look at him, you would think he’d come with some crunk-crunk type of stuff but when you hear him, you’ll see he can do real cool, laid back records. Just looking at him, you wouldn’t think he could do those types of records. You would think he is only into crunk type of music when you first see him.

He has a song called “Roll Up” with Raesha Clanton and it has received a lot of play. He’s been doing his thing for the last few years. He’s an up-and-coming artist and he’s been grinding for a minute. He’s one of those artists from the Mobile market and that’s an area real heavy. It’s really buzzing.

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    i hope mobile has better school systems than atlanta. not really feelin this “hip hop” made and for dumb niggaz