“There Was A Strip Club Called ‘Cheeks’ – You Would Catch Local Rappers & Everyone Else In There”


Hot Spot No. 5

With 2014 finally here and in full effect, SOHH’s reached out to the biggest regional deejays throughout the nation to name the Top 14 Most Surprising Hip-Hop Hot Spots. Today, DJ Caesar shines light on the Camden, New Jersey hip-hop scene.

The hip-hop scene in New Jersey is about the real hip-hop. When I say “real” I’m talking about beats and lyrics. It could be a dope beat with an MC showing off his lyrical ability or a whole song with substance. Keep in mind in Jersey we are in-between New York and Pennsylvania so the artists here are proud to let you know they are from the Garden State! You will hear exactly what part of town they are from!

Big up to Burlington, New Jersey, where I’m from, and the Camden to Newark area. The hip-hop scene is grimy! Stories of trying to make it out still lives on. As far as venues go, to hear up and coming New Jersey artists, the movement is extremely independent. Artists In New Jersey like to rent out different clubs and lounges to make sure they can give out their best performances. Keep your ear to the streets and look out for the flyers cause they are out there!

In South Jersey by Pemberton, there was a strip club called “Cheeks.” It was so crazy it got shut down and relocated further down in South Jersey. You would catch local rappers and everyone else in there. It was crazy before it relocated. A hang out spot in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is “Top Dog” and you have beautiful women galore in there kid! $2 Tuesdays was the holy grail but you have to be open to more than just hip-hop in there. Pensauken, New Jersey has “Savoy.” Floyd Mayweather and K.Michelle recently stopped by, that’s starting to pick up again and used to be called “Club Metropolis” where hip hop acts would come by. That’s really it as far as my area goes.

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    i can’t take these niggas seriously wearing all those fruity ass bright color outfits man…. i just can’t

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    These niggas are gay

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    This is exactly how I like my hip hop! Beats and lyrics…