The Nacirema Dream

Nacirema Dream - 1
The self-proclaimed King of New York is back at it, running the streets of the city that doesn’t sleep with the release of his new album, The Nacirema Dream. Giving fans the chance to see the truth inside the “dream” so many are blinded by, Papoose teamed up with some of hip-hop’s most celebrated artists to tell a story many people have never heard. Ready for some good music in your life? Check out Pap’s top five reasons to buy The Nacirema Dream.

1. A Lifetime Of Music

In actuality, I’ve been in the studio doing this [album] for a real long time. When people ask me that I always gotta go all the way back, and honestly I’ve just been working on this album my entire life. I’ve been working on this for a long time, and over the years I revamped it. It’s a body of work, and obviously as time goes on you change on the outside, but the major organs to this album remain the same—it’s still the same concept and it’s still the same message.
Reason 2: Too Much To Choose From

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    Maybe 5 years ago…

  • GregSki86

    I was fuckin w/ Pap back in 2005-2006 when this album was supposed to drop. But fast forward 7 years later…buzz is dead, Kay Slay fucked up this nigga career. Good luck to Pap but ya missed ya shot my nigga

    • Choppa

      wat happened w him nd slay? i always hear he fuckd pap career up

  • Capbussa

    I agree with the bad timing but it’s a damn good album with REAL LYRICS not that lil wayne bullshit

  • $$$$OVAbitches

    Grammy worthy.

  • Thetruth7777

    Kayslay did fuck up pap career

  • KingChandler

    I was never a big Pap fan but this shit is a dope album all the way through, real issues covered, crazy wordplay and the beats were on point too, had this shit dropped when it was supposed to it would be getting way more praise, unfortunately, all the swag rap fans nowadays heads would explode if they tried to grasp the depth of an album like this. The only track I didn’t like was Alphabetical Slaughter 2, the way they flipped the beat back might have sounded like an ill idea ahead of time but it came out like trash in my opinion.