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KimYe Baby Name Update, Mariah Carey’s Huge Tatas Slip Out, Drake’s Not Worried About Love

Twisted Tuesday. It’s a day full of twists and turns as we get things started with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian now having been parents for three days and still not coming up with a name for their daughter? Speaking of MILF-related topics, Mariah Carey was busted showing just how busted her bikini top was and so far no one has been complaining. One person not worried about marriage or kids is Drake who has a new perspective on love? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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Project Canvas Primary HI

Nick Cannon is an advocate for youth empowerment. Starting with his HALO Awards—which honors incredible teens doing extraordinary things—in 2009, the entertainment mogul has now launched Project Canvas, a shoe line that translates to CAN Visually Achieve Success. Founding this brand to give back to kids in the arts, Nick Cannon is using his celebrity to make more than a buck. He’s giving you a way to look fly while giving back to the community. Think you should put a pair of Canvas Primary HIs under your tree this year, check out five reasons to buy the Project Canvas Primary HI.
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