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Steven Land

Steven Land - 1
As SOHH continues its Spring Travel & Fashion Guide, exploring the beautiful Monte Carlo along the Mediterranean Sea, we’re giving readers a chance to experience an upgraded side of style. It’s known that you can’t travel overseas without having a nice suit and pair shoes to match, so we’re giving you the chance to add Steven Land to your footwear collection. Made with the most exotic prints and materials, including ostrich and quail, Steven Land is the premiere line in luxury for your foot. So as you get ready to pack your back for the South of France this summer, check out Chad Bishop’s top five reasons to purchase Steven Land before you board your flight.

If you’re looking for somewhere to showoff your newly upgraded sense of stSteven Land - Blue Ginyle, The Smart Flyer’s travel expert, Kamala Cummings, recommends you throw on your blue suede shoes and head to the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort’s The Blue Gin bar. It’s an upscale resort with an upscale experience. The moment you step in the door, you’re guaranteed to get noticed. So kick back, have a drink and indulge in all Monte Carlo has to offer.
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Han Cholo

Han Cholo - 1
Han Cholo is “badass jewelry for badass people,” and SOHH is giving you chance to rock out in some badass gear as we help you pack your bags and make your way to the South of France this summer. Seen on celebs from Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg to Fergie to Trinidad James, Han Cholo as become the go-to jewelry line for the most influential people in entertainment. As SOHH continues to help readers get ready for a trip to the Fairmont Monte Carlo in the South of France, and show off the latest accessories in Hollywood while experiencing all the Mediterranean Sea has to offer, check out Han Cholo’s top five reasons to purchase their badass jewelry. Continue Reading »

ROOK Brand Clothing

ROOK - 1
Summer is just around the corner, and SOHH is making sure our readers are ready for a sunny season they’ll never forget. Yesterday we helped you get your vacation planning started by offering you an unforgettable deal to travel to the South of France, and today, we’re helping you get your wardrobe right for your trip across the world. Right now, SOHH’s Travel & Fashion Guide is all about ROOK Brand Clothing, an apparel line started six years ago by two of the best top graphic designers in the game. ROOK aims to “create the highest quality, eye catching and provocative art and design,” to ensure your fashion game is on point from wheels up state side to wheels down along the Mediterranean Sea. So if you’re wondering what you should start packing in your suitcase first, check out Jon Garcia’s top five reasons purchase ROOK Brand Clothing.
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G2C Apparel

G2C - 1

Every brand comes with a message, but have you ever been inspired by fashion’s reverse psychology? Well G2C Apparel, which originally stood for Geek 2 the Cage, is using their motto for ambition to stir up a positive change, especially in the clothing game. From their Siamese Kings line to the Fight the Peace tee, G2C is taking over fashion with all their positive energy. Trying to upgrade your closet? Check out G2C Apparel’s top five reasons to cop the latest trend.
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Dyme Lyfe

Dyme Lyfe - 1

It’s not easy to always be the team on top, so when recently cut Denver Broncos linebacker, DJ Williams and two of his teammates were having a less than stellar season—4 – 12—they got together to support each on and of the field. “When you’re winning the city usually treats you nice, but when you’re losing it’s the exact opposite. So we decided to treat each other.” The three came up with Dyme Lyfe, an urban brand that brings together streetwear and athletic gear. Wanna help support your favorite NFL players, check out D.J. Williams’ top five reasons to buy Dyme Lyfe.
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