T.I. & Tiny Battle Break-Up Rumors, Jay Z Dries Beyoncé’s Tears Or Hair, Kanye’s Grammys No-Show Explained?

Turnt Up Tuesday. It’s a day to crank things up a few notches, so why not start it all off with T.I. and Tiny getting thrown into some break-up rumors? One couple you almost never have to worry about breaking up is Jay Z and Beyoncé, but did Hov have to cheer up his wife at the Grammys? Maybe Bey was upset about Kanye West not being in attendance, but at least a new explanation should help bring logic to the situation? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. What’s Going On?

When you think about how long T.I. and Tiny have been together and the good times they’ve had, is there any reason to think they would ever really break up or call it quits? It seems like they’re still having too much of a great thing going on and fortunately, break-up rumors seem to only be rumors. Necole Bitchie is up on it:

Only time will tell if those pesky split rumors are true, but so far Tiny nor T.I. aren’t doing anything to assure their fans that their relationship is good.

Although Tiny and T.I. were both in LA for Grammy Weekend, T.I attended three events (including Family N Friends VIP Dinner, RocNation brunch and Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Bash) without Tiny, which is odd. He has also shared photos from the weekend to his Instagram while using the hashtag #happydays.

Tiny, meanwhile, had a girls’ night after the Grammys and posted to her Instagram:

Out f-cking with my LA biatches @sevyn @tamarbraxtonher the Queen @shamrastar @brittanyreshun at Tamar post Grammy party. Phuck u doing?!

Relationships are hard, and even more difficult when you are in the public eye. If the rumors are true, hopefully this is just a small hiccup that they will get over.

A small break never hurt anybody.

[Just don't get anybody pregnant in the meantime!] (Necole Bitchie)

Was there ever any doubt? They really do seem to love each other and make a great couple. Is there any reason people should be worried about T.I. hitting the block or Tiny looking for a new man? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Baby Hold On

Is Jay Z going to be husband of the year? You would think that’s the case after seeing him holding onto Beyoncé and trying to put a smile on her face. But the question is did she bring it all on herself courtesy of her hair? All Hip Hop Rumors is up on it:

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.01.31 AM

First of all, was Jay Z consoling Beyonce? Its seemed like Jay was needed to help Beyonce get through that windfall of their performance at the Grammys. Not sure, but the energy seemed off for the performance and the aftermath. After their performance, there are pics of Jay holding B. Some people are thinking that a barely visible nip slip may be the source of sadness. Honestly, nobody even saw it, but it was there. So….Hmmmm….the internet was pretty mean to the beautiful Beyonce, but nobody’s safe. This we know. The hate in some peoples’ heart is unfathomable! (AHH Rumors)

Ouch? Was that necessary? For some reason, this time of the year isn’t great for Beyoncé. You have the Grammy Awards jokes and last year it was the Super Bowl halftime funny face performance. Should Bey use this time of year for vacationing in the future? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Where Are You Yeezy?

Kanye West didn’t win a Grammy at the annual event on Sunday but it wouldn’t have mattered since he decided to ditch the event in its entirety anyway. Was there a reason behind him not attending? Hollywood Life takes a stab:

Hov may have taken home a ‘sippy cup’ for baby Blue, but Kanye decided to just stay home with his girls! The rapper was up for two Grammys on Jan. 26, but skipped it for Kim!
Kanye West would rather spend his Sundays with his two girls, Kim Kardashian and North West, than head to the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. The rapper was spotted at the Kardashian/Jenner’s home in Malibu, Cali. the day of the big awards. With ”New Slaves” nominated for Best Rap Song and Yeezus nominated for Best Rap Album, we were hoping that Kanye, 36, would show up at Staples Center on Jan. 26, even just to support his fellow musicians — his BFF Jay Z performed! However, he decided to lay low for the biggest night in music. He was spotted on the phone looking super casual on the balcony at the Kardashians’ family getaway home during the day, while his fellow musically-talented friends dressed to the nines. (Hollywood Life)

Could Kanye’s reason behind not attending have something to do with Kim? Was he just upset at the Grammy Awards in general? Is there more logic here than meets the eye? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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  • main0

    I’m pretty sure the person who compared beyonce to a wet dog, probably dont like woman. I was too focus on her to even notice the hair. just my thoughts anyway.

    • Tarlette Monique Richardson

      I think beyonce kill it.i love the performance.i thought jay and b both looked great.stop hating haters…..

    • white paradise

      They are distant family member….they look like mother and daughter

  • Paulette Williamson

    The union is tight..the performance was tight as well. Okay ..she had a bad hair day. REAL women with Real hair have those occasionally. RELAX ..she looks better than you on her baddest hair day.

  • ezwip

    Kanye would have been embarrassed if he did not win he is an egomaniac. He’d have stood up and proclaimed the entire event rigged and made a fool of himself, again. Back when he was singing about waiting for his spaceship I could totally relate to this guy. Gold digger same thing. Then he became the narcissistic person I wanted a spaceship to take me away from.

    T.I. stays with the woman who stuck by him and could land any woman he wanted. I know people love to diss Tiny and any possibility of a breakup becomes headlines so I just wanted to say… a real man stands with his family and T.I. despite his faults is as much a role model as he is a felon.