Studded Sugar Rush

Studded Sugar Rush
It’s been five years since Angela and Vanessa Simmons created Pastry, and their line now serves as one of the No. 1 selling women’s shoe brands. Taking note of their father’s business savvy, the girls continue to “bake” new looks for girls to rock in the streets. So today, we’re giving you a chance to take home the girls’ latest sneaker, the Studded Sugar Rush. If their legacy isn’t enough, check out five reasons to purchase the Studded Sugar Rush by Pastry this Christmas.

1. Three In One

[This sneaker is really] three shoes in one. [You can] wear them up, unzip the top or fold the top down to reveal patterned lining. So there’s no need to buy three pairs of shoes when you can get three in one right here.
Reason 2: Fabulous Street Wear

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