Stalley – Honest Cowboy


Maybach Music Group’s own Stalley has returned with a groundbreaking project set to be his most complete and anticipated drop yet. The Massillon, Ohio native takes listeners into his world in a release that is deeply personal and introspective. Influenced by lyricists like Nas and groups such as Outkast, Stalley puts a extra emphasis on the rhymes he conceives. With this tape, Stalley has put together a ten track cohesive package that should expand his fanbase and help him reach new horizons.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download Honest Cowboy.

1. Life As A Cowboy

This street album is titled in relation to Stalley’s father’s experience as a rancher in San Antonio, Texas. Stalley has said he wasn’t around his father for most of his life, but was intrigued regarding the reasons of his Dad’s choice in a career working on a farm. To add to the theme of the title, Stalley linked up with famed photographer Robb Kendrick who has shot the style of pictures Stalley admired and wanted for himself. The results were an authentic recreation of homegrown Texas visuals that directly correlates with the feel Stalley is trying to convey. On the trailer below, Stalley gives an in depth explanation on the title and why he identifies with cowboys in general. “Cowboys is some of the most honest people that you could meet, there’s no in between with them – it’s really they tell you how it is whether you like it or not. That’s how my father was and that’s how I am.”

2. Maybach Moving Up

Honest Cowboy is Stalley’s fifth mixtape release since 2008.
He received glowing reviews for his Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music) mixtape which caught the attention of MMG boss Rick Ross. He joined Ross and the rest of the crew on the I am Music Tour back in 2011 and subsequently was signed sometime during that period. Stalley has been featured on both Maybach Music Self Made compilations and will certainly get increased exposure on the volume 3 release set for September of this year. As his stock rises, Stalley has respectfully played his position, and offers a different look musically in comparison to his other label mates like Meek Mill. All in all the MMG artists compliment each other on tracks when necessary, but individually they create their own movements and can definitely hold their own. Honest Cowboy delivers the content fans have come to expect from Stalley overall.


3. Trill Tales

Stalley brings across a blue collar vibe and a every-man approach to his songs. His topics are easy to relate to, and he’s able to keep it real with himself, which translates into a rare honesty that people feel when listening to his music. Stalley excels in putting together tracks with well meaning and substance. On the cut “Raise Your Weapons”, Stalley intends to wake up people in what he calls a “personal push forward”, and also addresses the complacent attitudes and issues this generation is currently facing.

“Mentally I feel enslaved by this weak economy/
So I’m thinkin’ ’bout buyin’ a piece and robbin’ everyone in front of me/
But the funny thing is, we all feel it/
I’m just speakin’ of pain that we all live with/
But we God’s children, civilians of the ghetto/
But cry so loud, I’d be damned if they throw this echo/
They tellin’ me to let go, ask me why am I upset for?/
Yeah, I’m upset, yo/
Cause you won’t except the people that I rep for/
The kids with broken hearts and torn souls that find it hard to let go” – Stalley


4. Swangin’

“Swangin” is the first single off Honest Cowboy and it features the legendary Houston vet Scarface and vocalist Joi Tiffany. Stalley always has had a affinity for whips and rims, so this joint is just a appreciation for the actual swangin’ culture. The laid back, screwed-up inspired joint is produced by Block Beataz.

5. Features

Honest Cowboy features Scarface and California’s own ScHoolboy Q who goes in on the hardbody “NineteenEighty7″. Terrace Martin adds a myriad of different sounds to this explosive cut. Other credited appearances include singers Crystal Torres and the earlier mentioned Joi Tiffany. More notable production comes courtesy of classic hit producer DJ Quik, Black Diamond, Rashad, Cardo and S1.


  • “Tha Original Topdawg”

    Never thought it was a good look for him to sign wit MMG, he would of been better off staying independent..I hope Nipsey doesnt think about signing wit MMG…

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      Yeah, because signing with them has done nothing but stagnate his career & look how many dope official albums (not mix tapes) Nipsey has dropped!!!

  • BillyBobJohn

    I heard if you listen to to much of Stalley you turn into a cast member of the big bang theory

  • Rgeezy

    The album is a free mixtape so why is Sohh listing the 5 reasons you should buy it?