Spurs Player Busted On Twitter, Iconic Rap Crew’s Comeback, Google’s Must-Have Mobile Game Early Arrival?

Mindful Monday. It’s a day filled with keeping things in mind, so why not start it all off with a San Antonio Spurs player getting caught extra thirsty on Twitter? Speaking of thirsty, there’s a lot of OG rap fans that have been waiting for a certain hip-hop group to come back and they are. Until they officially drop their album, though, kill time with Google’s new Ingress that’s sure to keep you occupied for hours. All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Short Comings

If you’re in the NBA, you would think trying to get a girl or even a one-night stand would come with the territory, right? At the very least you would think trying to snatch something off a Twitter or Instagram conversation would be a last resort, right? That didn’t seem to be the case with one San Antonio Spurs player. Bossip is up on it:

Guess she didn’t want that NBA pipe. Twitter got a little interesting last night after a “young lady” decided to let the whole web know how she curved NBA baller Marco Belinelli, of the Spurs, in her DM’s. SMH. In Marco’s defense, he’s not from this country so perhaps something got lost in translation? (Bossip)

Could Marco’s Twitter account have been hacked? We’ve seen cases like this happen quite often. If it was not hacked, then maybe one of his friends wanted to have some fun on it while he wasn’t looking? Is Marco really that thirsty? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Keep It Real, B

If you’ve been waiting for a new Cypress Hill album, your wish has been granted as the group is expected to come back together for at least one more release. Group leader B-Real has confirmed a new album is in the works. TMZ has the footage:

24 years after recording their first demo, Cypress Hill is still going strong … and lead rapper B-Real tells TMZ the group has a NEW ALBUM in the works. B-Real was at LAX this weekend (trying to pump some life into the dead battery in his car) when he broke the news. Unclear when B’s planning to release the new music — but who cares, at least we know it’s comin’. As for the car, don’t worry — B was able to remedy the situation … but you gotta hear him tell the story about how the battery died in the first place — pretty funny stuff. (TMZ)

Despite how legendary Cypress Hill is, are people really going to look for their new album? They ruled the 90’s and even had a presence in the 2000’s, but in 2013-2014? Can Cypress Hill remain relevant and strive with sales? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Google It

If you’re already tired of trying to find time to play Grand Theft Auto V or prepare for the next Call of Duty game in the series, Google has just what you need with its new Ingress game. Imagine exploration and gaming coming together, but not just exploring, real-life journeying. Complex is up on it:

Google is launching the open beta today for its new alternate reality massively mobile game dubbed Ingress. The beta is available now for all Android owners ahead of the December 14 official release.

Google is calling Ingress an “alternate reality” game where users explore new locations in the real world to create portals and hack their enemie’s in the alternate one. The two factions at war in Ingress have deep back-stories and battle for their own shadowy causes, as real-world players must work together to link portals all over the globe in a mash-up of a scavenger hunt and capture the flag.

John Hanke, the vice president of developer Niantic Labs says: “the game has become an excuse for people to get out and explore.” Hanke also describes seeing players from the same teams meeting in the street and “bond[ing] over their shared experience in the game”

Ingress will consist of many global campaigns, like the one beginning today. “Project Magnus” kicks off today where players of both factions will try to piece together material to alter the games narrative. “This effort will literally span the globe as Agents from the over 200 countries where Ingress is currently being played cooperate to achieve their goal.” Hanke explained. (Complex)

Could mobile gaming put a damper onto the upcoming releases of Playstation 4 and Xbox One? Is Ingress going to become a staple and lead the way into the future of gaming? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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