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By way of Chicago and Mississippi and now officially an ATLien, young Soulja Boy is on his grown man grind with a new project. Continuing on his busy season streak after releasing Cuban Link (EP), King Soulja, Foreign 1 & 2 all within months of each other this year, the SODMG boss don is back for the summer with an exclusive drop. With official beats courtesy of himself, SB carries his own weight on this offering to the streets.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download Life After Fame.

1. Free Album

Life After Fame was originally scheduled to be an album. Soulja released a single titled “Ridin’ Round” in preparation for the LP release, but at some point he decided to unleash LAF as a mixtape instead. Since it’s come out it has been downloaded over 25,000 times, gaining bronze status on popular mixtape site Soulja has a way of keeping relevancy in this iffy market by feeding the streets with constant releases. No longer reliant upon a major label schedule or demands, SB can give his fanbase music almost whenever he feels the need to. “Ridin’ Round” ended up not being included on this tape but can be purchased on iTunes.

2. Stacks On Deck

Soulja Boy is the CEO of his own company Stacks On Deck Entertainment. Once upon a time he gave his co-sign to artists like Chief Keef, Riff Raff and Lil’ B who all have made waves throughout the industry. Lately SB has been successful in the production lane, getting beats to some big names like Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne. Global Grind spoke with SB last month to get his thoughts in working with Yeezy. “It was good working with Kanye. He asked me to make some beats for him. I had been doing my own thing with my beats and sh*t like that. He just reached out ya know – it was real cool. He was like ‘Yo Soulja I need some hard beats – I’m in Hawaii.’ SB also talked about expanding his fanbase by doing things outside the box, like his appearance on hit reality show The Bachelorette on ABC. “That’s a whole different crowd that don’t know about Soulja Boy. I’m just trying turn up. I had fun though. Everybody is different. You got stuff you do with Hip Hop and urban culture, then you have stuff you do when you just wanna have fun and turn up with pop culture.”

3. Do It All

Soulja Boy has created a marketing and promotions empire for not just music, but everything else in between. From shirts, hats, jewelry and even mentions on social networks like Twitter and Instagram, the young entrepreneur is extremely creative and resourceful when it comes to business. SB is a product of the internet era and is one of the best in utilizing it’s unlimited capabilities. He has always been very hands on with his supporters and that has added to his longevity thus far.


4. Turn Up Time

Life After Fame includes Soulja’s signature sounds and productions. He keeps it simple yet catchy. SB brings high energy on songs “Alotta Bandz” and “Flexin”. If you don’t mind a little auto-tune check out “In A Ditch” and “Stuntin”. Although Soulja doesn’t mind letting the listeners know how hard he can floss, there are also some harder joints on here like “Call Of Duty”.

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5. Features

There are no listed features as Soulja Boy goes solo throughout Life After Fame on the mic and on the beats as well.


  • kingjappyjoe

    this is only the second time i click on any one of these why you should buy articles, i just came here to warn yall that no matter what this article says DO NOT PAY MONEY FOR SOULJA BOY MUSIC!!!!! give the money to artists that need it like lupe mos def talib kweli saigon etc…if u just trying to listen to a young nigga rap about bullshit n get hype Keef is the way to go not soulje….damn im drunk as fuck!!!

    • seveneightyseven

      Lol thanks but no one is dumb enough to buy this shit. He almost quit after his last album dropped lol no one fucks with soulja

    • HatesElvis

      Damn u hating on this mane and y da fuck would i buy them weak ass artist u named all dat shit wack i dont listen 2 sb but he makin lots of music i wish da young nigga da best…lame ass nigga said sagion,lupe, mos def n talib who listens dat bullshit down south nobody hell east coast dont even bump dat shit…plenty much love young soulja do ya thang

      • KillaKatona

        man, you really really stupid tho…..

        • HatesElvis

          Kill ya self fuck boy, u must b a hater 2 let da young man make his money,if them slaw rappers he named had studio grind and sum southern beats maybe they would get sum play or sum money.. lame ass niggas just hate 4no reason n i dont even bump soulja boy but i respect his grind…

          • KillaKatona

            dumbass , explain to me how im hatin on souljah boi by calling YOU stupid lol u REALLY are dumber den a muthafucka…

          • HatesElvis

            Die slow wack ass boy dat shit old, get off moms couch n do sum wit cha life…

          • KillaKatona

            All i read from that comment was “your a faggot”

  • whoa

    Is it just me, or does the acronym for his “label” say “Sodom G?”

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Soulja is lame as hell
    But he got swag tho
    Just saying

  • pureuncut513

    I didn’t even read this article just wanted to read these comments… I woouldnt waste the space on my computer smartphone or tablet downloading this trash only way I would listen to soulja boy is @ gunpoint or if he snuck a feature in with someone else that I didn’t catch before listening

    • Bob Loblaw

      “only way I would listen to soulja boy is @ gunpoint or if he snuck a
      feature in with someone else that I didn’t catch before listening” damnnnnnnn lmaooooo thats murder my nigga, 2nd degree, Soulja dead!

  • MrTroyMercy

    Nigga please ain’t nobody buying this shit.

  • Joe

    Here is one reason why I won’t download it. He is fucking trash

    • James Barrett


    • James Barrett