Snow Peak Lapel Torch

Snow Peak - 1

Tired of always having to hold a flashlight while finding your way around in the dark? And do you hate wearing a headlamp while camping, blinding everyone you look in the eye? Well, Snow Peak has the perfect solution for you: the Snow Peak Lapel Torch. A one-of-a-kind high-powered luminous light that attaches to anything with its durable magnet makes seeing things in the dark so much easier. Want the perfect light for all your visionary needs? Check out Snow Peaks top five reasons to buy the Lapel Torch.

1. Don’t Look Stupid

Do you want to look like a Cyclops? Most hands-free lights, such as headlamps, you wear like a third eye on your head. That’s hideou, and your friends are tired of you turning to talk to them and blinding them in the eyes. It’s time for something a bit more stylish and versatile: the new Lapel Torch.
Reason 2: Don’t Fall Off A Cliff

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