SD – Life Of A Savage 3


Chicago’s own SD reppin’ for the popular Chief Keef led GBE squad steps up into the spotlight with a banging mid summer release to the delight of his fans. 300 is the team everyone has been discussing as of late. SD builds on his own two feet and seems to be finally getting the proper recognition for his contributions. This new drop is getting mad love across the board for those listeners who love straight gangsta music.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download Life Of A Savage 3.

1. Savage Series

Life Of A Savage 3 is the third installment of the Savage collection by SD. Chicago’s Power 92 Host, Hot Rod sat down with SD months ago to talk about the Life Of A Savage title and where it came from. “It was just – the way we was living. At the time it was rough, it still is rough. At the time though (1st release) it was even rougher. We savages so we was looking at it like – we living the life of a savage though you know?” When asked about the meaning of a savage SD replied, “Savage can be as – you ready to do whatever for whatever ya know? You ready to put your life on the line for anything that you need that you got to get.”

2. GBE Squad

SD is a member of GBE – short for the Chief Keef label Glory Boyz Entertainment. The developing company features day one crew members Lil’ Reese, Fredo Santana, Trey Savage, Ballout, Capo, Gino Marley, Tadow and Blood Money. The upstart click is responsible for bringing Chicago back to the spotlight, ushering in a new era of trap/drill music that has had the hood on fire. Chief Keef and Lil’ Reese are the only two thus far with major label push. Keef is an Interscope Records artist while Reese signed with Def Jam Records. However, that hasn’t stopped the rest of the team from making their presence felt on the music end. Fredo and SD are extremely in demand amassing hundreds of thousands in mixtape downloads and YouTube/Worldstar videos. SD is more low-key then some of the more higher profile dudes in his circle, but his stock is rising with every release he does.


3. Street Music

On a somber note, Chicago is currently in the midst of unbelievable violence and gang activity. This translates through the music and the young people that are caught up in these everyday life or death situations. The intense and reckless lyrics are a direct reflection of what is actually going on. Hopefully by becoming successful in the industry, artists like SD can create productive opportunities for others in the same state. This mixtape is not for the light hearted at all. Murder, drugs and money are covered within the themes of this drop. Life Of A Savage 3 connects the dots on all the elements making things erupt in the Chi right now. The young and wild have a authentic voice through rappers like SD.


4. Squad Full

“Squad Full Of Killaz” is one of the visuals released for LOAS 3. The gritty, grimy components of the video are shot by A Zae Productions. The beat slaps courtesy of up and coming producer Will A Fool. The song title pretty much speaks for itself and the lyrics are in-tune with the thugged out subject matter throughout the tape.

5. Features

Ballout, Riff Raff, Blood Money, Tray Savage, Capo and Gino Marley all drop assists on Life Of A Savage 3. Production credits include Southside On The Track, J Moss, KE On The Track, Tarentino, YG On The Beat, Will A Fool, Money Beats, Lindstrom and Izzy Da Producer. Trap-A-Holics covers the hosting duties.


  • kingjappyjoe

    I aint gonna lie this shit go hard as fuck. Dont Believe Me and Squad Fulla Killaz are crazy joints!!

  • Taio Smalls

    This interview is so bad

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    The cova art is dope as fukk……

  • George Faggerman

    These dudes are trash and its a matter of time before everyone realizes that. Has any one heard keefs songs on WSHH lately? He’s has no lyrical content what so ever.

  • goodjob zimmerman

    Great way to represent Chicago by so dirty ass project kids from the calumet buildings so sad so sad

  • Lolrax

    Coonery to the ultimate maximum

    • Eric Smith

      True but this isn’t their fault. The south and midwest started with the dumb style of rap. Gucci, Flaka, Nelly, Master P, Oj da Juice man, all of those are a mixture of Chief Keef and GBE..

  • FrankDaEnforcer


  • MrTroyMercy

    This is solid. ..I liked this album. He the best out of them gbe dudes but I like this joint.

  • MrTroyMercy

    Before you judge stfu and listen the album before you call it garbage. I swear, lol. I don’t like some music , but that’s because I actually listen.

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    He an lil Durk is the best in GBE
    They go hard
    That cover is the shit
    Just saying

    • TrillTalk

      Durk aint gbe