Schwinn 4 One One 1

Schwinn 4 One One - 1
While some people might be on the look out for the hottest car to hit the streets this year, other are concerned about two-wheeler is going to get them the most attention. In this case the Schwinn 4 One One 1 bike is taking over the urban market, giving “cyclists a rugged and versatile bike” to get around town on. “With its robust frame construction, fork and handlebar basket, this bike can be ridden through any urban environment.” So from the streets of New York to mountaintops in Colorado, find out the top five reasons to buy Schwinn’s 4 One One 1. It “saves you money and gives you more riding time.”

1. Riding In Fashion

The Schwinn 4 One One 1 was designed with both form and function in mind. Practical and unique design attributes, like the easily accessible built-in handlebar basket, allow a serious commuter to look good while enjoying a reliable ride.
Reason 2: The Double Tube

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    would love to win-I am desperate for a new Schwin, my bike is over 30 years old and needs alot of TLC

  • Jennifer Essad

    all the aspects of this bike make me want one more!

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    3 for 3!

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    didn’t it say 2pm est

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    ok I want to win so #SOHH5 @RideSchwinn