Samsung Galaxy S 4 – “With Smart Pause, The Galaxy S 4 Is Able To Track Your Eye”

If you have been watching TV at all this summer, you have probably seen one of the new commercials for the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s packed with new features and one of the hottest phones out. With classes around the corner, find out why the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will make the transition easy. Today, Samsung Mobile PR unplug the top five reasons you need this phone right now!

1. Click 4 Tat

The Galaxy S 4 doubles as a remote to control user’s home entertainment system – from the TV to the DVD player! In a sense, the Galaxy S 4 can replace your current remote. Considering how often you lose the remote anyway, this is a very good solution. The built in IR Blaster works with most TVs, DVD players, Cable Boxes, and DVRs. Simply open up the app on your phone and get to clicking.

Reason 2: Drama Setter

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  • bewitness

    Smart Pause does not track your eyes, it tracks your head. You can close your eyes and nothing will happen it’s only if you turn your head away that the screen will pause.

  • kingjappyjoe

    sohh late as fuck

    • LatarionMilton

      I know right, the motherfucking Galaxy Note 3 bout to drop in a few weeks and they now just talking about the S4 lol

      • GregSki_1986

        cosign, Note 3 should be beast though from the specs I peeped