Rich & Rotten – “You Gotta Have Some Pretty Big Cojones To Create A ‘Coke Diet’ Tee”

Over the past 6 months, the Rich & Rotten brand has quickly risen from a cool niche brand to a hip hop mainstream favorite. The gritty, mischievous yet deeply political tones of the brand make Rich & Rotten an irresistible addition to your wardrobe and several high profile celebs have been spotted wearing the brand. Founder Hamad “C-Note” Jalaly gives SOHH readers his 5 Reasons why Rich & Rotten gear is a must-have.

1. Rich & Rotten Is A Lifestyle


Rich & Rotten is not just a clothing line, it’s bigger than that. The brand endeavours to tell stories of generations through their brand, always ensuring that they’re representative of the current generation of hip hop and urban street wear. Forget about cutting edge, Rich & Rotten are the edge. They effectively portray the rather dubious means people will go to in order to achieve a certain level of fame and success. The struggle to get to the top and remain there. Everybody doesn’t always take the straight and narrow path. It’s something very real. We’re describing a lifestyle.

Reason 2: High Quality Swag

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  • Hot Diggdy Dogg

    If I see any of these so called street rappers wearing this TrAsH , I’m ah clown these Hollywood fraudulent niggAz!!!

  • Al

    Dope brand!! I seen Cassie reppn it on her newest music video with Wiz