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Mixing hip-hop with various genres away from urban music is becoming more frequent, but has anyone heard of combining it with bluegrass? Well, New York-based group Gangstagrass has found a way to do just that, and they’re not too shabby. The group is responsible to the theme song for FX’s Justifiedm and they “created the first rap song nominated for an Emmy,” says Rench, the group’s founder. So if you’re looking to integrate your music collection and broaden your listening span, check out Rench’s top five reasons to purchase Gangstagrass’s new album, Rappalachia.

1. Integrate Your Music

If you don’t have anything in your collection already that features rappers and banjo players getting down together then what are you doing? You gotta have something in there for that. You gotta desegregate your music collection, and you get something in there that is integrated. You’ve got the country music and the hip-hop authentically blended together: you’ve got fiddles and beats and scratching and rappers and banjos on it. So, if you don’t already have Rappalachia then that’s definitely something that you’re missing in your collection.
Reason 2: The Rappers You Love

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