Raekwon Gets Deep Over George Zimmmerman Verdict

  • Capt’n Jack Insane

    No Justice, No Peace
    Bloody murder in the streets
    You can now kill a child, go to trial
    And won’t even have to speak
    I know he’s probably thinkin now, is there a heaven for a “G”
    G.Z. didn’t have the right
    The cops said fall back, he did not. (that’s 2nd key)
    Did he explain who he was? I think not (that’s # 3)
    Number 4, he had a gun and 2 flashlights BRUHHHHH
    … If you’re walking in the dark, wouldn’t you use your flashlights? DAWWWG
    Think about Trayvon’s mother or his father and his brother alone
    Think about your own kids
    Now think about them coming home, but never ever made it home.
    If I’m right, then I’m right
    If I’m wrong, I should be punished
    But in this case nobody wins
    Is that JUSTICE?
    Not to me
    And Tray still can’t rest in PEACE
    They’re saying he’s the new Emmitt Till
    Fuck Lil Wayne for makin that speech
    Cause now you see that’s it’s serious, period to kill a teen
    The Justice System’s always failed us
    This shit is NOT new to me
    the only thing that pisses me off
    Is that, they’re treating him like the POLICE
    Karma’s gonna catch up to him
    Then he’ll feel just what it means
    to be pressured by something stronger than your force, nahmean
    I could keep rambling bout this dawg but on the real… I’ve got to go
    I bout spend some time with my son, and I wish a nigga would… ya’ll know!!!