Prodigy – Albert Einstein


As one of half of the beloved platinum selling group Mobb Deep, Prodigy is regarded as one of the illest lyricist to do it. California producer Alchemist has one of the best production discographies in the game and is certainly one of the hardest working. When the two combine you can be sure it’s a monumental event. The second of two albums created by the duo, their new project is a highlight thus far for 2013.

Here are the’s 5 Reasons to cop “Albert Einstein.”

1. Concrete Connection

Super producer Alchemist and Prodigy have made projects together before and have a excellent musical chemistry and track record. Five years later after the release of the critically acclaimed “Return Of The Mac”, the two link up again for this new offering. Alchemist has worked with Mobb Deep since 1999 when he produced a few tracks off their release of “Murda Music.” Since then, Alchemist has been a consistent force alongside the group and has blessed Prodigy with some fire production. With “Albert Einstein” the producer emcee combination is a vicious display of hardcore rap at it’s finest.


2. Everything In A Name

Prodigy chopped it up with Jack Thriller on to speak on the origin of his new LP title. “Albert Einstein is basically a play on words. My real name is Albert, Alchemist is The Alchemist, you know the scientist. I had this vision of like a picture – you know the Einstein picture with his tongue hanging out? The crazy picture – he looks crazy with his hair all crazy. I had a vision of that visual just being everywhere on posters, all over the internet and stuff like that and on shirts. Then I was like yo, that makes sense – Albert Einstein. It’s something that sticks in your head.”

3.Infamous Minded

Infamous Records is Prodigy’s indie record label and company. In addition to movies and a clothing line, P has authority to sign other musical acts which included the inking of actor/artist Rick Gonzales aka Realm Reality in January of this year. Not being restricted by major label demands and having the freedom to drop what you want when you want to is a plus. For true Hip Hop heads, “Albert Einstein” is flush with vicious street bangers without any commercialized single to wash it down. Listeners will appreciate the concoction stirred up by two of the most respected emcees and producers in the game.


4. Hard Bars

“Albert Einstein” is not for the weak of heart. It contains some vivid imagery and hardbody lyrics from Prodigy. Story telling has been somewhat of a lost art in the culture but Prodigy brings it back on the detailed bone chilling “Confessions”.

“Made my way up the block to the spot where they saw the joker/
That’s why I never leave home without the toaster/
I saw his radio lights through the rear tint/
I stepped in front of the car so he could see the hit/
The look on his face was priceless/
The bitch micro braids caught fire when the fifth/
Put pieces of her wig on the seats in the back/
Now there’s weed smoke pouring out the bullet hole glass” Prodigy – “Confessions”

prodigy (1)

5. Features

Standout features on “Albert Einstein” include Havoc and Raekwon on the gritty “R.I.P.”, Odd Future alum Domo Genesis puts in work on “Y.N.T.” while Long Island emcee Roc Marciano jumps on the smooth but deadly “Death Sentence”. Alchemist pulls double duty on the mic with the cut “Bible Paper” and Action Bronson goes in on “The One”.

  • Fuck Marcy

    It was written for you to buy this album.

  • bread


  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    He look like 45
    Just saying

    • Lolrax

      He’s 38 and I appreciate that because I like hearing OGs in the mic.

  • trizzy mann

    Gucci mane is the boogeyman of hip-hop

  • green_ messiah

    The reason he gave for calling the album Albert Einstein was really stupid.

  • SmittyMckall

    Prodigy look like he 52 in that pic up top with alchemist

  • yours truly Sam trilla

    Getting old

    • “The Original Topdawg”

      Get off ya mamas iphone, and tell that bitch to come here!!

      • yours truly Sam trilla

        Cool story bro

  • Tina Moore

    Imagine if P was spitting like he was back in the 90’s and on the infamy. The album still hard, even though Prodigy fell off. Alchemist beats will make damn near anybody sound good. P will throw a couple of hard lines in there every once in a while

  • BIGLU83

    Dope ass album

  • GregSki86

    Album was dope, slept on IMO

  • acapwn

    This is probably my favorite album so far this year.