Peedi Crakk – CF5: The Cocaine Edition

Peedi Crack - CF5

Peedi Crakk is back with the newest edition of “Crakk Files”, this being the fifth one, “CF5 – The Cocaine Edition” hosted by DJ Ant Live. Peedi has always delivered entertaining rhymes and created some hits throughout his career. He’s been in the game a little over ten years now and is continuing to drop music for the fans to enjoy.

Check out our 5 Reasons to download Peedi Crakk’s “CF5.”

1. A Piece Of The Roc Remains

Philadelphia’s own Peedi Crakk, a member of State Property, was signed to Roc-A-Fella Records in it’s prime and put out some memorable music, most notably the singles “One For Peedi” and “Flipside.” Although his debut album “Prince Of The Roc” was never released, Peedi stood out alongside fellow artists such as Beanie Sigel, Freeway and Young Chris. Years later he is still on his grind. This new CF5 mixtape captures him in his pure element – raw form.

Reason 2: Flow is Still Unique

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  • Bout IT Bout IT!

    will never buy anything from this SPIC!
    You wont catch a buzz from your shit just give it up.
    niggas think by having a title including drugs ie cocaine or guns then it is going to automatically be wanted on the streets.

    • Dean Rupcic

      Can you prove Peedi gave the tape it title because he wanted it to be automatically wanted in the streets ??? Peedi is already in demand in the streets without that as the title……

      Ease up on the hate big man.

      • Bout IT Bout IT!

        yes i can

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  • green_ messiah

    Peedi is cool but all this guy raps about is crack.

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  • Mike Thompson

    I loved Flatline..and if Young Chris , Bleek and Freeway got a shot I dont see why they never dropped Peedi’s joint. He was French Montana before they understood what Montana was.. And Montana aint even half as lyrical as this guy can get .. his word play is impressive at times.

  • Dean Rupcic

    Just thinking back, anyone else remember the sound that Peedis gat used to make ?? WTF seriously….ahahha