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The wave of fresh talent continues to surface from Canada, and new artist PartyNextDoor brings the best of both worlds with rap and r&b directly to the mainstream. His first official drop is available now on iTunes and contains ten original tracks. Recently signed to fellow Canadian and current YMCMB superstar Drake, PartyNextDoor has the official certification and talent to make major moves in the game.

Here are’s 5 Reasons to download “PartyNextDoor”

1. OVO Co-Sign

PartyNextDoor hails from Mississauga which is a suburb in western Toronto. He is Drake’s newest recruit to OVO (Octobers Very Own) Sound, a new label started by Drizzy and his longtime friend and producer Noah “40” Shebib. Thus far, other than producers Boi-1da and T-Minus, PARTYNEXTDOOR is the only artist listed on their current roster. OVO is distributed by Warner Brothers Records. No one publicly has stated the details on what happened between former OVO vocalist/producer The Weeknd and Drake, but The Weekend signed a joint venture for his own XO label with Universal Republic Records in 2012 when it was believed he would sign to Drake once his situation was set. Subsequently, that broke up the OVOXO situation, with both artists moving forward on their own different paths. Drake decided to sign a new artist. Enter PartyNextDoor, who brings his own original flavor to OVO Sound with his debut project.

2. Fiesta Time

Parties, drugs and sex are a few of the themes covered on “PartyNextDoor”. This is a retail project that looks to establish Party as the next dude up on the R&B tip out of Toronto. PartyNextDoor infuses ill singing melodies in his songs but also can rhyme as showcased on the bangers “Break From Toronto”, and “Right Now”. As evident by his name, this self-titled debut contains an exciting non stop up and down ride of musical emotions.


3. Self Composer

PartyNextDoor composed all of the tracks heard on this joint in addition to the instruments. One of the standout tracks “Make A Mill” finds the rhyming and singing blend in full effect with a dope soundbed underneath. This was also one of the first introductions song wise for PND.

“She don’t need a damn thing, my b*tch look like Tammy Toe/
Hit the strip like every week plus we burn up half an O/
It’s that life that got no limits, my Visa debit be pimped out/
Condo out in Collin’s like that nigga from New Orleans/
I’m the n*gga from the set, though/
Block been hot since get go/
Makin’ money n*ggas makin’ money since umbilical
I’m still ridin down Centennial” – PartyNextDoor

4. Behind The Music

Who is PartyNextDoor? Part of his appeal is that there isn’t that much information out about him. Instead of the hype that usually comes with an artist before they even drop a song or a project, PartyNextDoor jumps in the game with a hypnotic, catchy musical style from the beginning. Being linked in with one of the hottest artists on the planet right now doesn’t hurt, and listeners can be sure to see and hear more about PartyNextDoor as time goes on. For now though, he can pick up his fanbase based off strictly skills alone. Instead of taking the free mixtape route and dropping a ton of viral videos, “PartyNextDoor” is a retail project, which is a bold move for a relativity unknown new artist. At the same time, it shows a lot of confidence. Due to the fact PND is a self sufficient artist and can create his own style of music, he should have no problem building a buzz.


5. Features

PartyNextDoor keeps the features to a minimal on this one. Drake makes the only guest appearance on the smooth up-tempo “Over Here”. Drizzy keeps his hot streak of guest verses on this joint. Listeners will take notice of the crisp clear sounds overall on this project. Mixing and mastering credits go Noel “Gadget” Campbell and Mark Olivier-Bouchard respectfully. PartyNextDoor gets props for engineering along with Noel Cadastre.


  • killadawg

    F U C K

  • Obvious Piccolo

    no sir. I’ll stick to Abel. Nigga pretty much covers My sex, drugs, and party section of listening. Best Of Luck PND.

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Just saying

  • CorXy StXwart

    i was really excited for this. Then i downloaded it and the only good songs were A Mill, Over There, Tbh, and Wus Good/Curious. The rest were meh. And i hate that he had vocal help on every fucking song. I remember his old stuff before he became PND and he didnt use all of that. overall a huge let down