Pain & Gain Blu-Ray – “Even Diddy Came By The Set – There’s Tons Of Girls In Bikinis”

What do you get when you throw in Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Anthony Mackie and a bunch of weights and girls in bikinis? Non-stop laughter, action and unexpected twists in the must-have dark comedy of the summer Pain & Gain. Today, Mark Wahlberg’s personal trainer Brian Nguyen pumps out the top five reasons SOHH readers need this Blu-Ray right now!

1. Number One Stunna


Well number one, from the aspect of just what the movie is about to begin with, they’re talking about living the American Dream. They’re trying to get bigger and better. These guys are dedicated. No matter what you’re in, I think the success for anybody comes from the dedication behind it. If you’re going to go, you better go all out. Even in a comedy like this movie, if these guys are going to commit a crime, they better do it. They know they can’t half-a** it and do it halfway. So if things start to go wrong, they’re going to still follow through with it. There’s all of these points during the movie where you’re seeing Mark stay dedicated. That’s with anybody. Whether you’re going out there to lay something down on a track or just put some beats together, when your head’s in the game, your head’s in the game. You just got to go. To put that into perspective, for anybody out there, if you’re going to enjoy this movie, you’re going to enjoy it because it’s about dedication and a community of bodybuilders who are dedicated to their bodies. That is their go-to thing. That was a hobby in the 80’s and 90’s. So anybody can relate to it because if you have passion, then you have to go and see this.

Reason 2: Mark The Spot

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