Using Onomatopoeia In Hip-Hop

Rick Ross & Rocko

Let me help you sound smarter than your friends tomorrow while you’re at the water cooler.

Start your conversation with:

Yo son, did you know U.O.N.E.O. means “you don’t even know.” Say it really fast.

[Stop here.

Depending on where you work, let them be amazed that you're up on Rick Ross. They'll look at you as their new connection to Hip-Hop. Now, don't let them divert the conversation into a discussion about Reebok dropping Rick Ross over his lyrics. We're not here for that. Control the conversation!

Follow up with...]

Did you know that U.O.N.E.O. is not an acronym or an abbreviation but a onomatopoeia.

[Now, the word is pronounced anna-ma-ta-pay-ya. If you say it wrong, you won't look as smart anymore. So practice it a few times before your say it out. This next line may make you look like a total herb BUT you need to comprehend it in some capacity. Dress it up how you would normally speak.]

Onomatopoeia is the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named.

[Now for the magic. You'll need to give your peoples some example of an onomatopoeia in every day usage. Only pick two of the examples! Saying any more than two of these examples makes you look like a know-it-all.]

  1. The hum of the bees
  2. The pop of a balloon
  3. The tweet of a bird
  4. The sound of Spider-Man’s web shooter (thwip!)
  5. The switchblade-sound of Wolverine’s claws coming out of his hands (snikt!)
  6. The speech of the Autobot Warpath.

This tidbit of information makes you cool in three circles. Education, rap & Hip-Hop culture and comic books.

Tomorrow, you’ll be THE MAN at the water cooler.

  • Dre Thompson

    this was educational but some bullshit at the same time SOHH don’t even know it

  • Cody

    its “U.O.E.N.O” not “U.O.N.E.O”.

    • Manny

      Exactly…when will SOHH (or any Hip Hop website for that matter) employ some talented journalists, or at least a capable editor? Poor writing on such a high-traffic website is inexcusable and embarrassing; it really makes us look worse than we already do and promotes ignorance.

    • justAvessel

      no nigga actually its u o e n o…you’n een no