“Nobody Has The Vision That I Have For This City”


Hot Spot No. 4

With 2014 finally here and in full effect, SOHH’s reached out to the biggest regional deejays throughout the nation to name the Top 14 Most Surprising Hip-Hop Hot Spots. Today, DJ E Dubble shines light on the Boston, Massachusetts hip-hop scene.

Out here, you’re starting to notice the production is sounding a little different. Everyone’s starting to be a little bit more of an individual. Quite frankly, no one’s music is focused on selling drugs. There’s some artists desperately looking for a hit but that’s the f*cking problem.

If you sold drugs, why glorify it or incriminate yourself? The city is different though. I know XXL recently did a “Top 15 Boston Rappers You Need To Know” feature and two of the people I’m going to say here made that list.

I got a specialty show out here called “The Launch Pad” on JAMN 945 and it’s the only Hip-Hop show in the city. There used to be a college station that played hip hop but all urban programming was cut. They specifically got rid of their two-hour hip-hop show which aired Monday through Friday.The city of Boston had the potential of hearing about 12 hours of underground hip-hop music which has been reduced to two. The Launch Pad fell in my hands around the same time they made their programming change.

I’m not even from the City Boston, but, I get so much love from these dudes out here and its mutual. The baton has been placed in my hands and I feel Nobody has the vision that I have for this City. They see it and people are like, “You’re the new wave.” I’m about to turn this city into what it needs to be.

Everyone’s really going to eat this up and appreciate seeing this. This is a big outlet and being able to get my input out is important.

The Massachusetts Hip Hop Scene has been rejuvenated with more than a handful of talent. There is a sense of unity that is on the verge of exploding amongst new artists the scene has to offer. We are witnessing the birth of a new sound and atmosphere with these fresh faces.

Anybody coming into to the City of Boston from out of town looking for Hip Hop has to go to The Middle East in Cambridge which is historic in the Boston community when it comes to live entertainment. They have two different rooms for performances, the upstairs room for smaller shows and downstairs for the more established acts. The House of Blues, Paradise Rock Club and Church also host select Hip Hop shows that hit the market.

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