No Malice’s ‘Hear Ye Him’ – “This Is True, Raw & Uncut Me Bearing My Soul”

After a successful run with partner in rhymes Pusha T as The Clipse, No Malice has seen a lot and is ready to let loose on a new vision. With his first-ever solo offering, Hear Ye Him, finally available, check out No Malice’s top five reasons SOHH readers need to pick this LP up immediately!

1. The Truth Will Set You Free


For one, I’m bearing my soul and giving you straight up honesty as I know it to be. There ain’t no dressing nothing up. This is true, raw and uncut me bearing my soul. You’re getting straight honesty.

Reason 2: Not Your Average Rap

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  • Lolrax

    Hear ye gay

  • song

    ima cop this shit when i get back to the states! this guys the truth!

    • DC

      Its dope. The way sohh broke the 5 reasons down to 5 pages is wack though

      • song

        you´ve heard the whole album already¿

        • DC

          Yeah. I bought it on Itunes last week.

  • Luke

    Great album!