Mensgroom - 1

Women aren’t the only ones who care about how they look. From shaving to moisturizing, men are concerned about their upkeep just as much as the next person, the only difference is they want to make it such a process. MENSGROOM is a simple men’s brand that takes care of all the bare necessities and diminishes the hassle. Want to know why you get down with MENSGROOM? Check out what Managing Director, Peter Parrag has to say!

1. Manscaping Is A Must

We did some research in North America and Europe and found 89% of men said grooming is important for their professional success. We found that more men are shopping for themselves now than ever before. There had been some growth in this category, which was encouraging, and then a really surprising statistic came out that said 80% of men think marketers don’t speak directly to them. So, we asked them what they were they looking for, and MENSGROOM is the manifestation of that.
Reason 2: The Bare Necessities

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