Master P – Famous Again


Master P still has it. From the streets, to the studio, to the boardroom and beyond, the No Limit Forever head honcho delivers a nice effort on his new drop. Chronicling not just the success but the struggle as well, P hasn’t forgotten where he has come from. This new release is a twenty track presentation that shows P in prime form.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download Famous Again.

1. No Limit For Life

After selling over seventy five million records with his various companies, Master P could just sit back and relax. Instead his determination for success has increased with the relaunching of No Limit Forever. P was recently inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, becoming the first rapper in it’s history to do so. His legendary status as a mogul and trendsetter is a part of Hip Hop history. He continues the No Limit legacy working with newer artists such as Fat Trel and Alley Boy and his children are also following in his footsteps as artists, actors and entrepreneurs in their own right. Master P has a tireless work ethnic and is currently making his rounds with the No Limit fam on a concert tour.

2. Back To The Basics

The Ice Cream Man is known for his vivid portrayals of life in the ghetto and documenting his grustle to the top in a way that resonates with audiences from hood to hood. In late June, he stopped by NYC radio station Power 105 with his daughter Cymphonique, who is also an emerging artist on No Limit Forever. He spoke on the reason why he switched his content back to his original gangsta roots after cleaning up his lyrics in 2007. “I cleaned up my lyrics because I went through a transition in my life and I thought that was the way to do it – I had people in my ear like ‘P you know doing this – you in corporate America.’ But I looked in the Bible man – the Man took prostitutes and murderers to heaven.” P continues by stating, “I feel like my music is really speaking to the people and I could speak to this generation by being who I am. You think one thing cause you try to do stuff for other people, but I got to what’s best for me. This my God given talent, that’s how I talk to my people and this how I’m going to continue.” For the fans that grew up on P’s music this tape is an updated piece of No Limit nostalgia at it’s finest.

3. Heartfelt Rhymes

“Next Shooting Star”, “Make You Stronger” and “Heaven For A Gangsta” are three standout joints on Famous Again. P brings some sentimental bars to these tracks. He always shows both signs of the coin when it comes to street life and his making something out of nothing lifestyle is always inspirational. He is well known for giving back to his community. P also addresses the critical conditions happening in inner cities across the country.

“They building jailhouses should be building schools/
So much negativity I don’t watch the news/
They say a young ghetto life wasted every minute/
Never find the killer but a friend probably did it/
Pour a little liquor with the homies just to ease the pain/
I see mothers outside in the freezing rain/
It’s a cold world but we in it/
Try to kill my dreams but I told em No Limit” – Master P


4. Business Minded

Master P has always been a pioneer when it comes to creating a empire whether it be music, clothing or film. He has put his tried and tested million dollar blueprint together with today’s technology to further expand on the accomplishments he has made thus far. Check out the Famous Again trailer below.

5. Features

Master P brings a nice combination of current No Limit Forever artists together with some of the brightest stars in urban mainstream on this drop. Features include Rome, Game, Young Louie, Alley Boy, Fat Trel, Howie, Problem, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Tyga, Flight Boy, Clyde Carson, Eastwood, Nipsy Hussle, Chief Keef, Miss Chee, Deezle and P’s younger brother Silkk The Shocker.


  • DR.WHO?

    no limit needs to come back. too many skinny jeans rappers around

    • seveneightyseven

      P. can’t rap though

      • acapwn

        So what? His shit still jams!

        • seveneightyseven

          wtf? how it’s ok for P not to be able to rap but people bash Keef and Soulja boy? Both of they beats jam

          • acapwn

            I don’t bash neither one of them. I fuck with anyone with flow and a nice beat. Not everyone can or has to be super lyrical.

          • seveneightyseven

            That still confuses me because P has neither lol I tried to get into his music and realized it’s the same as his old songs which were just club bangers

      • REALOG

        guess nigga u didnt listen to this mixtape p going in listen and learn my nigga or stfu

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Always liked P….when up North wasnt feeling southern rappers I was rockin Tru….Soljah Slim….Mac…..Fiend….that Ghetto Dope is still one of my faves of all time…..the twins….I forget the name of there group but they were dope to me….even though they ripped alot Pac shyt….they were dope

    • Ej Branham

      You mean Kane & Abel “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” That had bangers, too. Man….No Limit in their prime was so far ahead of their time.

      • liquidvizions

        no doubt. that kane & abel cd was just sick!!!

        fiend. mac. man they had some heat back then. imma peep this new shit.

      • Jose Maria

        U damn right they ripped pac. “Bury me a g in this thug life-
        Told her brendas gotta baby so dont lose your life-
        In this cold world young niggas better smile for me-
        Selling dope u losing hope it aint easy!” Lmao

        • acapwn

          Yeah, you could tell Pac had a real big influence on them, especially C-Murder.

    • acapwn

      Kane & Abel!

    • Cari jone

      Yeah you can say they ripped Pac, but you have to admit they gave Pac much respect in they music with shoutouts unlike other rippers.

  • LatarionMilton

    Mac was the hardest rapper ever in New Orleans FYI. FreeMac

  • green_ messiah

    I wouldn’t download this shit for free.

    • U.P.T.nw4eva

      Then why you comment dumbass. lookin 4 attention ass nigga

      • green_ messiah

        If you don’t like my comment then why did you reply to it? Old attention seeking nigga. Stop being such a douche and get a life.

        • Guest

          we coming for you fuck niggas #RNS

  • ant662

    sometimes u just got to know when its over. p be glad that u got paid the the first time and move on to other ventures.

    • Amanda

      And, it’s obvious that this nigga has NO IDEA that it’s over. So sad to see an old ass nigga still thinking he’s a “gangsta” @ 45 yrs. old LMAO – especially since he claimed to have “cleaned up his act” a few yrs ago.

      • ant662

        ya went all nickelodeon on everybody now he’s “gangsta” again i guess he’s getting senile in his old age. lmao

  • JohnPaul8732

    Say whatever you want. if you was from the south from 1993to the early & late 2000s, you had a no limit album in your car. Im glad he’s back

  • Lolrax

    From NewYork Daily News 2007, fuck this fake ass fool.

    Master P has cleaned up his rap and now he wants the rest of the hip-hop world to do the same.

    The reformed gangsta rapper who is pioneering clean lyrics will testify tomorrow at a congressional hearing on stereotypes and degradation in rap and hip hop.

    “I used to be part of the problem, but I’ve matured,” Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, told the Daily News during a recent trip to Harlem.

    So far, Miller is the only rap artist who has agreed to testify at the hearing, “From Imus to Industry: The Business of Stereotypes and Degradation.”

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    master p didnt rip pac . he was a part of the bay area movement . so he was around the environment that pac influenced … heavily influenced by pac and the bay area

  • Ray Jackson

    This cd is a banger, Louis V MOb, Alcapone, and now Famous Again. Keep bringn da heat P, these haters need a lil education!!

  • What it is

    I respect P for what he brought to the game. It was nothing wrong with cleaning up his lyrics! He already said everything that was hard or too ghetto for mainstream bitch ass niggas anyway. Master P Salute! Fuck the Mainstream Pop rappers, Master P is the real deal