Maino’s ‘King Of Brooklyn’ EP – “N*ggas Can’t F**k W/ Me – This is Better Than Their Albums”

Could you use some new tunes? Want to see what’s going on with the New York rap scene? Today, check out Maino’s top five reasons you need to try out his new King of Brooklyn EP!

1. It’s Hot


The number one reason is it’s the hottest sh*t in the world. Bottom line. It’s the hottest sh*t in the world. That’s number one. Usually when you make a mixtape, you make at least 15 or 16 tracks on there. This project was only supposed to be 5 songs but I stretched it out to 8 and I had the bonuses on there with records like “What Happened” with me and Jadakiss. Those records were already out. You’re getting 11 tracks.

2. Streets Love Me


It’s quality street music. You can consider this a mixtape or you can consider it an album, but to be honest, this is better than n*ggas’ albums. It’s just quality street music. It ain’t for everybody. If it ain’t for you, don’t f*ck with it. It’s made for the n*ggas that live a certain type of lifestyle no matter where you from. It ain’t just about New York.

3. You Know I Got It


N*ggas can’t f*ck with me. People love my records with Jadakiss and Raekwon, so why not attach it to the project. Everything else you’re hearing is brand new music.

4. The King’s Speech


The fourth reason is because I’m the king of Brooklyn. N*ggas that know what it is know what it is. I don’t feel like anybody should be offended but if they are then it is what it is. N*ggas have more to worry about than what I’m saying. I’m the king of the n*ggas in my lane. I’m in the street, getting money and I’m about that. It’s not just about making music. I ain’t’ seen an artist yet from Brooklyn that gets the same respect that I get in Brooklyn or outside that. I f*ck with every other artist from Brooklyn. We all kings at the end of the day.

5. Say It Again


The fifth reason is it’s the hottest sh*t in the world. The first and last reason are the same thing.