Maino & Trinidad’s Awkward Phone Chat, Billionaire Pisses Off Kanye West, Iggy Jiggles W/ NBA Boy Toy?

Wreck-It Wednesday. It’s a wrecking ball vibe today, so why not kick it off with Maino and Trinidad James having an awkward conversation together? If that’s not weird enough, how about a billionaire trying to son Kanye West? Where’s the love? Just ask Iggy Azalea and her new Los Angeles Lakers boyfriend. All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. The Phone Call

How awkward is it to have Maino and Trinidad James on the same phone line, especially considering everything that’s gone down over the past eight days? Well that’s exactly what happened and the audio is pretty uncomfortable to listen to. Complex has the skinny:

Is the tension between Maino and Trinidad Jame$ coming to an end? A phone conversation between the two rappers was made public last night and things got testy between the two, as Maino clarified that his issue stemmed from Trinidad saying that if someone had a problem with what he said about New York last week, that there could “be something.” For Maino? Challenge accepted.

The phone conversation apparently happened before Jame$’s “Truth Will Set You Free” vlog and he explained to Maino that the vlog would clarify the Brooklyn rant. Before hanging up, Maino said that as long as Trinidad released this vlog and apologized to New York City, they could move forward.

But was Trinidad’s vlog enough? It’s worth noting that there is no apology in “The Truth Will Set You Free.” In fact, he makes it a point to say that he has nothing to apologize for. Meanwhile, Maino’s tweets that have come after the vlog seem to be referring back to Trinidad, indicating that he was not satisfied with what he saw. (Complex)

Maino gets pretty turned up in this phone chat. There’s no way this is fake. At all. For nearly five minutes you hear them going back and forth but you have to wonder what Maino’s impression is now that James has clarified his remarks. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Here We Go Again

As much as we all love Kanye West, isn’t he a bit better when he’s staying away from the media and not going into long rants? Maybe everything is buiding up after staying media interview-free for the past few years. Well, he has a lot to say and Complex is back on it:

“I got off the phone with this one dude. I guess he used to run a multi-billion dollar company or something like that and he had some advice for me, right. He said, ‘I don’t approve of your methods in your interviews lately.’ He said he only saw one person before who ever really pulled this off and that was Muhammad Ali. But he said if he could just give me some advice, he doesn’t approve of the way I’m going about things as of late. And when anybody that’s supposed to have a lot of money talks to me and they give me advice, I call that free advice, because they’re trying to tell me what to do and they ain’t cut no check yet. If I look to the side of me, or the other side of me, or if I look to the Internet or if I’m reading, and I don’t see somebody that 36-years-old that made it this far with nobody that told they couldn’t do it this much. Because the people that give me advice… I don’t see them rocking for 15,000 motherfuckers in Brooklyn tonight.”

“And I don’t know if y’all have heard of [Nikola] Tesla, and I’m not talking about the car, I’m talking about the inventor. Or if y’all ever heard about [Alejandro] Jodorowsky, the director who made Holy Mountain. But there’s so many amazing creative inventors who weren’t recognized in their time. And if I’ve got the voice and I’ve got the opportunity to turn up in these interviews, I just have to look and say, ‘What do I have to lose?’ What do I have to lose? We only have everything to gain. So don’t ever let them make you think for one moment that I’m going insane. Because I sit back and see shit and think ‘Am I the only one that’s not crazy?’ But every celebrity is so goddamn scared of losing everything, that they won’t ever say nothing to you. And y’all see that shit too. I gotta keep it so true for you…”

“Because when I say ‘creative genius,’ I’m not saying that as a compliment to myself. I’m saying that because it’s a burden to myself when these ideas keep me up at night. When you wanna give the world more and your ideas keep you up at night. When you wanna give the world so much more, so much more. And then nobody runs Disney comes and sees this tour. And nobody that runs Disney comes and sees this tour. They’d rather see the headline and be on some bullshit than to give me one little chance. Than to give me one little, little, little chance. Than to give me one little chance despite the advance out of Tesla’s basement, despite the advance out of me saying Jodorowsky’s name and ya’ll don’t know who the fuck he is when everybody copied off of him… And there’s gonna be motherfuckers in this arena in a few months dancing all sloppy off of him…”

“I love y’all so much you don’t even understand. Because y’all help me to talk all this shit. Because when I be on the phone with these people that used to run companies and they’re trying to tell me how to be me, y’all give me the power to talk my shit. And I swear to you, this is only the motherfucking beginning. And anybody who [says], ‘Oh, he’s the best of rap.’ That’s racist. And that’s pigeonholing. That’s pigeonholing. That’s pigeonholing and putting motherfuckers in a box. And putting creative niggas in a box.” (Complex)

Big props for the person responsible for transcribing everything that Kanye said. That was a very big rant and he said even more. Is Kanye taking things too personally? Is he refusing to see the point? Are these rants the best things going on in hip-hop right now? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Ballin’ Outta Control

If it was a rumor before, it’s a fact today that Iggy Azalea and Lakers’ Nick Young are officially an item. Whether it’s going to carnivals or dinner dates, they’re making sure people see them in the public light. Daily Mail UK has the pics:

Iggy Azalea well and truly took her new relationship public on Saturday night.

Two days after posting a cute photo of the pair backstage at a concert to her Instagram account, the Australian singer chose to forgo a hole-in-the-wall private restaurant in favour of a happening LA hotspot to debut her budding romance with her new beau, LA Lakers basketball player Nick Young.

Despite the obvious nature of their date night, the pair implemented their best avoidance tactics as they exited BOA Steakhouse in single file.

But they couldn’t keep it up, as once their ride was brought around by the valet, they both jumped into his midnight blue Ferrari sports car together before zooming off.

The pair first began a flirtation via Twitter in September, with the athlete dubbing the pretty blonde his WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday).

On October 29, the Beat Down songstress tweeted her support for the basketball star, who signed to his new team in July this year following a 12-month stint with the Philadelphia 76ers.

‘Goodluck tonight @nickswagypyoung so proud of you for making the toon squad. Ahhh!!!’ she wrote.

The 23-year-old hitmaker was dressed to impress for her date on Saturday, wearing a form-fitting black maxi-dress, grey peep-toe booties and a bright green leather jacket.

She wore her long golden tresses down in a crimped style and kept her make-up neutral and fresh. (Daily Mail UK)

Is Iggy just having fun or is she trying to make Nick more than just a friend with benefits? Hopefully she doesn’t get too involved with him because we all know what happened with a rapper in Harlem and the tattoo that ended up getting crossed off her finger. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

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  • ATLonDaRise

    James got the game on lock! Just listening to that call you can tell James is real. The whole country of Trinidad and the whole south just spit on the whole east coast. Maino got punked! James goin triple plat! Bet!

    • Wendel Richard

      How did maino get punked?? James didnt sound tough to me in one bit. Maino told the nigga to apologize to the public. A tough guy would of said suck my dick, i aint apologizing for shit…. james didnt even come close to saying that. Infact he said the opposite saying he didnt mean for what he said to be consider as him coming at ny??? What are yall listening too

      • iRememberStruggle

        Those guys must be from the south to say Maino got punked.

      • ATLonDaRise

        Straight up and down son maino sounded like he was about to cry.

        • Guest Attorney

          lol You trollin’ hard lol

          • Kreole

            I think it’s actually him

          • ATLonDaRise

            James is above making comments on hiphop sites…He dont need to!!!! James is about the truth not internet games.

      • Nervz

        I agree with you Wendel. There’s a lot of south niggas on this site with trinidad nuts in there mouths.

        Basically Maino told homeboy, you want beef I’m here and Trinidad don’t even respond. lol These trolls are probably ten years old.

  • so_disrespectful

    well maino is right,when james was saying what he was saying,he shit on that at the end when he said if someone wants to start something he is there,that line alone made is whole convo seems like he want to start something.

    • ATLonDaRise

      Yea he did star something plus hes finishing it. Maino got punked point blank and james getting money.

  • Jayb8408

    Yo, why the FUCK do ya’ll allow Maino to be this tough guy? Who is this nigga? His music is garbage as hell.. So what, the nigga slapped Young Berg?!? My daughter will slap the hell out of Young Berg too.. Fuck Maino

    • ATLonDaRise

      Exactly! Trinidad james for life! Hes the gangsterist dude in the industry right now.

      • Kreole

        Nobody likes Trinidad Jame$ that much my nigga.

        • ATLonDaRise

          James got a lot of fans bruh. Hes gonna go triple plat #GoldGand #DontBelieveMeJustWatch

    • NativeNewYorker

      Say that to Maino face. lol.

      • Jayb8408

        And you are a prime example of why this nigga gets the attention he does.. Dick Riding… Look fam, i aint being no internet tough guy or super nigga.. But that nigga Maino, breathes the same air I do.. So why the hell would I be afraid to say anything to his face? If I had a issue with the nigga, it would get address just like anybody else.. Thats not tought guy talk, thats grown man talk.. Its dudes like you that buy into that killa shit Maino and other rappers talk.. No need asking you would you say something to his face, b/c you just showed your ho card…

        • NativeNewYorker

          LOL. Ok tough guy. First off no one is dick riding anyone but saying fuck you to ANYONE over the internet is a lil weak. Taking sides in a rap beef is also weak. You don’t even know the dude to say that. Also you don’t know me so you don’t know what I would buy into or what I would do. Anyone that knows me knows tho knows I don’t pull punches tho and if I don’t like you or rock with you you would know.

    • vito

      he did 10 years for do that and come out without a problem then talk

  • PeoplePlease7

    maino and his backers are cornballs playing childish games who are currently being priced out of new york by people who really do run the city. No one will name a street or a school after maino and the big wigs in NY have implemented plans to control real estate and media outlets as well. n-words never learn and will continue losing.

    • ATLonDaRise

      TRUTH! Trinidad James forever!

      • ihatefaggots

        Only faggots like your self listen to trinidad Jane.

        • ATLonDaRise

          it’s trinidad james so shut up

  • NativeNewYorker

    Hip hop needs to have celebrity boxing matches for when rappers have beef.

    • Kreole

      I would pay to see that

      • Guest Attorney

        Word. Maino vs. DMX. 50 Cent vs LL Cool J back when they were both muscled out.

      • NativeNewYorker

        Word. Who wouldn’t pay to see Game and 50 thump??? It would break records. lol.

  • REALLY23

    Maino police now? Recording conversations is kinda suspecet

  • Clofresh