Madden 25 – “The Whole Running Game’s Completely Changed”

It’s finally here. After 25 years of elevating gameplay, leaving other football titles in the dust and becoming the premiere NFL game, Madden 25 is on store shelves and for the taking. Power, precision and creativity all come full force this year. Make room in your bookbag because this is a must-have heading back to your dorm. Today, EA Sports Madden 25 creative director Michael Young gives his top five reasons you need this ASAP!

1. Runners Up


Number one reason is because of run free. The whole running game’s completely changed. There’s modifiers, 30 new moves. As a running back, you’re going to feel the power of being a runner in the NFL. There’s combo moves and they’re super powerful.

Reason 2: Infinity & Beyond

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  • Megapsycho84

    EA sports” same game,same price,same damn gimmicks. Fuck that shit,if it ain’t got ambulance trucks on it by now then I’m not buying it. Fuck that,I’m at GameStop now buying this shit lmao. Gamer tags bmt84 xbox360

  • G’z Up Garden Tools Down

    Madden ’92 was the best Madden