Determined to give consumers a trendsetting iPhone case that is more durable than the next one, LUVVITT® has created a slew of hard-hitting, fashion-forward cases that can storm the day of any person on the go. Available to match any outfit, or cater to any event theme, LUVVIT® is all the case you’ll need. Looking for your iPhone’s durable match with lots of color, check out the top five reasons LUVVITT® CEO, Eli Altaras, says this phone case brand is a must have.

1. LUVV Apple Products

LUVVITT® products are dedicated to Apple and keeping Apple branding consistent with crisp, clean cases that don’t hide the genius design of Apple electronics. We don’t think you need layers of excess to make a phone case fashionable. We know you need durability wrapped in an eye-appeal coating of LUVV. LUVVITT® doesn’t offer thousands of items for dozens of brands, instead we offer a small, select variety and pay special close attention to every single detail.
Reason 2: Customer Appreciation

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