Ludacris – #IDGAF

Ludacris - #IDGAF

Still reppin’ hard for the ATL, the talented rapper/actor/businessman Ludacris is back at with his brand new mixtape “#IDGAF”, which is the setup to his upcoming Def Jam/DTP release “Ludaversal” due this fall. Has Luda been able to multitask all his different jobs and drop a quality project worth checking for? Look no further for answers and SOHH’s 5 reasons you should be downloading the new Ludacris mixtape.

1. Luda In On His Grustle

Ludacris stars in the sequel to the other 5 hit movies “Fast and the Furious 6″ and the same day the movie was released, “#IDGAF” was as well. Combine that with his outside ventures such as Conjure Cognac liquor and Soul Electronics and some fans may wonder if Luda is too busy for rap music.

This mixtape is important to see if Luda still has that fire he has been known for in the past. Can an artist have too much going on that could distract them from work in the studio? With the industry climate changing so frequently in the past few years, veteran rappers have to work twice as hard for less sales and relevance. “#IDGAF” shows and proves, and Luda sounds as ferocious as ever on the mic.

Reason 2: Shots Fired–Again?

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  • killadawg

    Gotta support my Nigga Luda

  • Ced Hustle

    I think he still got it…it least got what hes always had…Luda never drops classic material always an ok couple singles and a less than average album …

  • ferb420

    Buy a free mixtape tho?

  • SHO’NUFF Bruce Leroy WELL WELL

    hell no

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Luda in it to win it
    Just sayin