Lil Wayne Gives MMG Skate Lesson, Draya Michele Joins The Roc, Every “GTA V” Question Finally Answered

Frisky Friday. It’s finally Friday and what better way to skate into the weekend than seeing Lil Wayne giving a certain Maybach Music Group member a skating lesson? A lesson clothing lines should take is how much attention hiring a reality TV star like Draya Michele can get you. If attention is what it wanted, attention’s what Rockstar got with Grand Theft Auto V, and now there’s answers to every question you have.

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1. Best Skater Alive

Didn’t Lil Wayne say he was going to turn into the best skateboarder alive? It seems that was a very long time ago but it doesn’t matter too much since he appears to be one of the best rappers out. It looks like Wayne’s days of skateboarding are far from over and he was ready to give Meek Mill his own lesson. Rap-Up has the footage:

Meek Mill is a pro on the bike, but how does he hold up on a skateboard? Lil Wayne teaches the MMG MC to skate in a preview from DJ Scoob Doo’s Triple OG DVD. Weezy goes first, skating down the ramp, but Meek has a tough time staying on his feet. But that doesn’t stop him from trying again.

“I’m a universal hood ni**a,” he said. “Anything I do, I learn how to do good.”

After hitting the floor a few times, he was worn out and had to lie down. “What I do wrong?” he asked, to which Wayne replied, “Everything.”

The Young Money boss had some words for the newbie: “I told ni**as, three words: You gon’ fall.” (Rap-Up)

Ouch! It’s funny to see Meek Mill being so good at the dirt bikes and motorcycles but having so much trouble with a skateboard. You have to give him credit though, he really gave it an effort. It skateboarding scarier than popping wheelies? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Undressing The Roc

Draya Michele has been called a lot of things since she’s exploded with “Basketball Wives LA” fame but one thing you can’t call her is ugly. She’s gorgeous and an ideal pick for Rocawear. Her pics from the campaign are out and something you’ll have to look at twice. Necole Bitchie is on it:

Sex certainly sells and Rocawear has linked up with Draya Michele to heat up their Fall/Holiday lookbook.

In the new promo campaign released this week, Draya brings her sex appeal to the clothing company’s latest styles as she rocks over-sized button-up shirts, sweatsuits and hooded jackets. She also took a moment behind the scenes to dish on what it feels like to model for the brand, and how she’s applying what she’s learned from the pros to her own clothing line. (Necole Bitchie)

She may have to give up the television fame and look at doing more modeling. Rocawear might not be Louis Vuitton or Gucci but it’s a great step for her to get into the real fashion world. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Grand Theft Questions

Have a question about the new Grand Theft Auto V? Do you own your copy yet or are there too many things you need to know first before laying down that money? There’s some clarity and answeres waiting for you including how long the game takes to beat, what’s really going on in the strip clubs and a lot more. Metro UK has the skinny:

Q. Does the game need to install to the hard drive and are there multiple discs?

A. Yes, it has a mandatory install that takes about 20 minutes on Xbox 360 and uses up 7.7GB of hard drive space. The game comes on two discs, but the first is labelled only as ‘install’ and we’ve never had to use it again. We haven’t seen or played the PlayStation 3 version but we’d be willing to bet it also has to be installed as well.

Q. How long does the map take to drive end-to-end?

A. Obviously that depends on the vehicle. Via the twin-prop Cuba 800 aeroplane it takes about 5 minutes from the northernmost tip of the land mass to the southernmost. There is no direct route by road from north to sound (there’s a lake in the way apart from anything) but it must take at least 20 or 30 minutes even off-road.

Q. How big is the game? How long does it take to complete?

A. According to Rockstar it’s bigger than GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV, and Read Dead Redemption combined, which seems believable. They’ve also spoken about 100 hours to complete the whole game, but that’s hard to say as the game doesn’t measure how long you’ve been playing and it’s often hard to tell which missions are essential and which aren’t. We’d estimate it’d take well over 30 hours to get through the story-only missions though.

Q. How does health regenerate? What is the checkpoint-ing like?

A. If your health falls below 50 per cent it will regenerate back to the halfway mark automatically, which takes about 30 seconds. To top yourself up beyond that you need to collect a health kit. The checkpoint-ing works much like any other modern game and you certainly don’t have to start from scratch if you fail at any point – unlike the earlier GTA games.

Q. Is there destructible scenery?

A. Yes. Wood splinters realistically in all of the missions and heavy weapons can knock chunks out of stone supports and the like. You can blow up gas tanks and some structures can collapse completely if you hit them in the right place – although these opportunities are rare. There are more extensive examples of destructible scenery in cut scenes but not, so far as we’ve seen, in gameplay.

Q. Does the game get rid of the all boring socialising missions and phone interruptions of GTA IV?

A. To a degree. You don’t have to socialise with anyone to access any missions, although you can phone up contacts at any time to ask to meet up. Nobody phones you if not for a mission, although they do occasionally send a text or email which is easily ignored. There are a few examples of perversely uninteresting goals (an early sub-mission involving impounding a car, for example) but by and large the game has dialled back GTA IV’s obsession with mundane tasks.

Q. How is sex portrayed in the game?

A. There’s a strip club that you can go to and where the women will give you a topless lap dance, including two of them at once if you flirt with them successfully. Lap dances are a simple mini-game where you have to avoid letting the bouncer see you grope the women. If you do well though you can get the girl to ‘like’ you and the option to go back to her place. You just see the outside of her house during the deed though, plus some moaning and a line of dialogue hinting at what they’re up to.

Q. What’s the most controversial thing in the game?

A. It’s hard to say what the tabloids will pick up on as most of the worst things you can do are entirely optional and won’t be realised by most people. There is a torture scene involving Trevor though, which is very uncomfortable to play through – although it doesn’t end the way you expect. Trevor in general kills many people for little or no reason, which the game often plays largely for laughs.

Q. Can you meet the other two characters when just exploring the open world? What’s the worst that can happen to them when you’re not playing as them?

A. We’re not sure. Although you can switch to the other character whenever you want you don’t know where they are until it happens. It may well be possible that you can run into the others by accident but that’s never happened to us. Characters are often caught in an amusing or dramatic situation when you switch to them, especially after a significant story segment, but they can’t die or lose their money when you’re not playing as them. Although Trevor gets up to some very strange things towards the end of the game.

Q. Exactly what sports are on offer?

A. The main ones are tennis, golf, and darts. These get unlocked as you progress through the story, as well as BASE jumping and races on land (street and off-road) and sea. There’s also a triathlon, and firing ranges with three challenges for each weapon.

Q. Are any characters from previous games in GTA V?

A. Yes. We shouldn’t mention two of the most prominent as they’re spoilers, but the ones you might miss are passing references to Niko from Grand Theft Auto IV and CJ from San Andreas – although the latter is only in one of the in-game achievements. Rockstar now consider the pre-GTA IV games to be a different universe to the modern games, so those older characters are not supposed to be in GTA V.

Q. How competent are the police? Are they difficult to lose?

A. Much more competent than previously. You probably only have a 50-50 chance of getting away with a theft or mugging in a built-up area without being noticed. They’ll then chase you and search for you, although they’ll give up pretty quickly if you’re not in sight. The ideal tactic is then to hide off the road, although don’t try and do so too close to the crime as the police will get out of their cars to search for you on foot.

Q. Are there random encounters like Red Dead Redemption?

A. Yes. There are two basic tiers, with the first being random muggings and thefts that you come across and usually involve chasing down a thief and either keeping the money or giving it back (for a potentially greater reward). Near Trevor’s desert home these tend to be hitchhikers or people otherwise wanting a lift, who you can either help out or sell to the local cult. The second tier is more complex one-off missions, such as the post-stag do groom we mention in our review. (Metro UK)

If you weren’t sure about purchasing Grand Theft Auto V, you may want to seriously take it into consideration after finding out all of that information. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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