Kobe & The Boston Bomber Connection, Big Sean’s Delicious Wifey In Her B-Day Suit, Tyga Exposes YMCMB

2. I Loved Your Chick

Screw Big Sean! LOL. Well, not really, I have the upmost respect for him and what seemed like me kinda playing him for going with a wifey that didn’t really seem to have much meat on her body is not a complete joke. Naya Rivera is HOT! Forget a serious post, this is my ode to her.


Miss Info: Big Sean’s new girlfriend Naya Rivera looks quite lovely in the latest Allure Magazine “Nude” issue…but man….that fiberglass Eames on a bare ass? Not comfortable. At. All. *squelch* From her Allure interview: Your character on Glee, Santana, has made you a sex symbol in the lesbian community. How does that feel? “It’s kind of cool–and it makes me feel like a badass. I get more girls than my boyfriend. They always tweet me about my booty.” You used to work as a Hooters waitress. Did you have nightmares about that uniform? “I have nightmares about that job, period. When I was working there, I was really skinny–a lot skinnier than I am now. But I was always self-conscious.” How did you get over that? “You can’t be so hard on yourself that you’re not enjoying every day.” (Miss Info TV)

SMFH. Can we clone Naya?

Moment of the Week

  • stealth

    Neither are even jay z quotes. “aint no love in the heart…” Is actually david ruffin quote. And the phrase about the bear is an old well known phrase in the black culture. Hell my grandpa used to say that. Smh this is dumb !

    • JOE

      get off jay’s dick

      • http://twitter.com/GoldenRimz GoldenRimz

        You’re the one desperate to attach a terrorist to one of his songs. YOU get off his dick.

  • Kick Rox


  • BlazeDatIshUp

    They are reaching, just like another posted typed. They always gotta find some reason to connect jayz to everyone, to make his overrated ass seem more important than he actually is. You can usually tell whose asses some of these so called hip hop site kiss by all the reaching they do. How about they post more relevant and important info surrounding the bombings and this manhunt going on now..smfh