King Louie – Jeep Music


In his first mixtape offering since the highly acclaimed 2012 drop Drilluminati, Chicago’s own King Louie aka King L is back with a hot seasonal drop for the ending of July. Now with an Epic Records deal and five previous tapes in his catalog, Louie looks to take it to another level with his career. This time around, King L displays his ability to show a multiform range while keeping his sound grounded in it’s authentic streets origin.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download Jeep Music.

1. Chiraq Movement

Chicago has been a hotbed for new rap talent on the rise. In the past few years we have seen and heard music from artists such as Chief Keef, Lil’ Durk, Lil’ Reese, Lil’ Herb, Chance The Rapper, Lil’ Bibby, Katie Got Bandz, Rockie Fresh and Lil’ Mouse. King L is definitely a forerunner out the Illinois Hip Hop category who is making major moves. He came up on not just beats and rhymes, but R&B as well and it is shown in his technique musically. Performers like R. Kelly, Bump J, Kayne West and Crucial Conflict were on Louie’s playlist growing up. King L brings his interchangeable style to the map on this drop and has worked with many of those Chiraq spitters mentioned previously.


2. Kayne Connect

King Louie caught a huge breakthrough when he flew out to Paris to work with Kanye West on the new Yeezus album. The ending result was a front-line feature on the song “Send It Up” on the already gold selling LP. Finding out Kanye was a fan of King L’s music was a surprise to Louie himself. He gave some insight on the situation during a interview with “He was feeling my music, I was like ‘He’s feeling it like that?’, and whatever I was spittin’ whatever I was writing, he was rocking with it. So it just gave me more confidence in my craft and let me know my worth or whatever. It was a great experience.”

3. Tube Power

This generation of up and coming rappers have a strong following on YouTube and use the platform to drop exclusive leaks and videos. King Louie has said in the past how much of a big part the internet plays in his current success.
As evident by the way labels find and recruit new talent, YouTube is the place for immediate content and connections. Fans won’t have to look far when searching for something new to listen to. King Louie has linked with some fresh video directors to present his visuals. Fellow Chi-Town native DGainz and Minneapolis based Hi-Def have shot and edited some of Louie’s most popular videos to date. Most of those vids have reached hundreds of thousands and even millions of views.


4. Nice Variety

King L brings a assortment of different sounds to “Jeep Music”. R&B heads will be familiar with the sample from “Nice Slow” which is a poured up version of Usher’s “Nice and Slow”. L brings along another buzzing emcee out the Chi, Lil’ Herb to the hardbody “Hit A Lick”. King L has a array of different flows which flip from street bars to trippy autotune. “Made Music” departs from the typical Chi sound and is extremely soulful and deeply personal. Louie has something for the ladies too and “Summer Dress” compliments the weather and the women at the same time.


5. Features

King L handles most of “Jeep Music” on his own but appearances include Leek, Lil’ Herb, DJ Victoriouz and BHD. SnapbackOnDaTrack, Cryptonite, LoKey, Drummajorz, Lehday, Chase Davis and Mr. Incredible bring that fire on the production side. This mixtape is a Lawless Inc. presentation.


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    90’s HipHop rules, fuck these newbooty ass niggas..

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