KimYE’s Bootyful Day In The Life, Eminem Answers All Your Questions, Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Bedroom Stalker Identity Revealed?

Finally Friday. If there was ever a day people loved more than any, it has to be Friday, so why not get things started off right by taking a look at Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and North West taking a stroll? Someone not moving all around is Eminem after giving a revealing Facebook Q&A this week. One question everyone had was who was the hottie recording Justin Bieber sleeping in Brazil and now we know? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Bootyful Day

If there’s one thing Kim Kardashian will never lose, it’s her baby. The second, most likely, her husband. Third, it could only be the junk in her trunk she’s had now for years. Even with a baby and engagement going on, she still finds time to give it some attention. TMZ has a couple shots of the bootyful family going out:

Bootyful day for a stroll in Santa Barbara today — Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ventured out this morning for a walk with baby daughter North West, and even though the sun was shining … it was a full moon. Nice break from L.A. court, where Kanye’s lawyer Blair Berk pled not guilty on the rapper’s behalf just a few hours ago in the photog-beating case. For Kim, Kanye, and North West — life is just a walk in the park. (TMZ)

Did Kanye West hit the jackpot with his soon-to-be wife? She’s cute in all areas of her body but especially that one special asset she’s known to have. But aside from the physical features, is this the making of a powerful family? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. FaceTime

Eminem might not always give the best answers in his interviews and for the longest you had to question the person interviewing him. Well, he finally decided to switch things up and give the fans an opportunity to ask him whatever they wanted. MTV has a breakdown of Em’s best Q&A moments from a FaceBook chat:

1. One fan, Taylor Whitman, wondered just how intimate things got between the rapper and legendary producer Rick Rubin in the studio. “Did you ever stroke Rick Rubin’s beard in the studio to get ideas?” she asked. He answered, “no, we only sampled ‘the stroke’,” referring to a sample on “Berzerk.”

2. And while Em worked with old pals like Rihanna on the album, one fan, Philip Johnson, wanted to know if he considered working with Dido on “Stan” sequel “Bad Guy.” “Yes, was considering her for bad guy but thought it might give it away,” he revealed.

3. On top of his clever pop-culture references, Em is also known for his being very serious in public. So Kerry Wang asked, “How do you keep a straight face when you incorporate so many awesome puns in your lyrics?” Eminem dished, “i laugh enough when I am recording them, thats why I never smile.”

4. While most of the chat was lighthearted, Em also once again addressed the controversy surrounding tracks like “Rap God.” Jeremy M Breeding asked, “Are you the first rapper to smack a bitch or say f—–?” Eminem’s sarcastic response? “apparently yes.”

5. Eminem also shared his thoughts about some of the newer rappers in the game. Kelly Johnson asked, “What do you think of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and their style? What other artists do you like?” Em dished, “i think they made a great album.”

6. He had even kinder words for J.Cole when fan Jeremy Haughton asked about him. “He is dope,” he shared.

7. Earlier this week, MTV News dissected some of the nerdiest references on MMLP2. And, Em let his nerd flag fly during the chat. Kris Esparza wanted to know, “What is your all time favorit video game?” His pick? “Donkey kong bitch.”

8. “Who’s your favorite comic-book hero?” Yeshu Dave asked. Em’s choice? Spider-Man.

9. Shazim Mohammad asked, “What is your favorite TV series/show?” The rapper apparently DVRs “The Wire.”

10. Things also got personal and a bit NSFW when Jamie Geierman wanted to know, “Favorite spot to [masturbate] outside of home?” Apparently, Em opts for a McDonald’s bathroom.

11. Meanwhile Megan-Rose McCann’s query of “what do you wear to bed?” was less eyebrow-raising, yet still insightful when we learned he only wears socks.

12. When he wasn’t letting fans into his life outside of the studio during the session, he doled out some career advice to Nikko Padillo, who asked, “What tips can you give to people who’s just starting to write songs.” Em’s secret? “keep writing.”

13. And it doesn’t seem like he has plans to shake up his record deal anytime soon. Tylor Farley asked, “Now that your contract is up with Interscope Records, will you still bless us fans with more solo music through Shady Records? And would you ever give me a chance in the music industry if I could prove myself lyrically?”

“who said my contracts up with interscope ?” Em asked back.

14. And, if you think that Em plans on going anywhere anytime soon, you’d better think again. Damian Starzz asked, “What is one thing that you get annoyed at the most?” Eminem responded point-blank: “when people keep asking me if I am retiring.” (MTV)

Is there any chance Eminem could end up doing one of these Q&As more often? It might not be as fulfilling as a real interview but having the chance to post questions and possibly have him answer is pretty exciting. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. That Girl

The identity of the woman who completely creeped out everyone this week by posting a video of Justin Bieber sleeping while out in Brazil has been revealed. It turns out Justin Bieber knows how to pick them. RumorFix is on it:

The mystery brunette, who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping in his rented home in Brazil, has been revealed! RumorFix can confirm that the young woman’s name is Tatiane Neves Barbosa, but goes by Tati Neves. Neves leads a life as a model and Telenovela actress in Brazil while doing part-time body building on the side. The 26-year-old is best known in her area for winning the 2012 Miss Bikini Wellness pageant. Many took a wild guess that Tati and The Biebs were up to some risque business the night before, especially since this comes after the photos leaked online of the singer trying to go incognito while leaving a popular brothel during his visit to South America. One YouTube commenter posted on the video saying of Tati, “She is a prostitute in brazil… i am from brazil and saying = this country is pure prostitucion and futbol.” And this particular comment was “up voted” 170 times. While some blogs speculate Tati is a Brazilian prostitute, other media outlets beg to differ. But you can check out these photos and decide for yourself. (RumorFix)

Unfortunately, her photo is a bit too steamy to post onto here, so make sure to check out the photo they have on RumorFix. Her face isn’t the cutest but you can see she has one Brazilian feature that Justin probably went for. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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