Kim K Thrown In Jimmy/Kanye Beef, EA Sports Ends Iconic Series, Nicki Minaj’s Newest Underwear Exposed

Frenzy Friday. We’re heading into a weekend that’s sure to bring a frenzy to everyone’s lives starting first with Kim Kardashian getting thrown under the bus by Kanye West himself? Guess we should have all seen that coming just like EA Sports not bringing back one of its most iconic game titles. Something that is coming out is Nicki Minaj’s newest underwear. All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Spread ‘Em Open

Everyone knows by now that Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel are either pulling off one of the biggest publicity stunts in a long time or really angry at one another. Well, more so with Kanye West as Jimmy’s ratings should only go up in light of Kanye’s angry Twitter rant. Interestingly enough, Kanye gave Jimmy the perfect platform to diss Kim Kardashian. Hollywood Life caught it all:

Kanye West made sure the world knew about his utter disgust with Jimmy Kimmel when he attacked him with a flurry of angry tweets on Sept 26. So all eyes were on Jimmy when he took the stage for Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the late night star didn’t exactly beg for forgiveness — instead he fired back and even dissed Kim Kardashian!

Jimmy decided to address the Yeezus-sized elephant in the room right off the bat on his Sept. 26 show. Explaining to the audience that Kanye was upset with him because of a clip they aired spoofing Kanye’s video interview with the BBC, Jimmy then revealed that Kanye actually called him and threatened him before the Twitter rant.

“He called me — he said a lot of things. He told me I had two choices: Number one — apologize publicly… and that was really the only choice,” Jimmy joked. “The other choice he gave was he said, ‘Your life is going to be much better if you apologize.’”

Jimmy then read all of Kanye’s tweets and responded to each one. Though Jimmy wasn’t exactly lashing back at Kanye in his responses, his deadpan reading of them got the point across and emphasized just how wild Kanye’s tweets were.

But there’s definitely one new diss by Jimmy — involving Kim K – that’s going to make Kanye raise his eyebrows. Responding to the tweet, “JIMMY KIMMEL PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES … OH NO THAT MEANS YOU WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TOO MUCH GOOD P***Y IN YOUR LIFE…,” Jimmy said, “I’ve seen the video, I know,” obviously referencing Kim’s sex tape.

Oh boy, this feud may have just been taken to the next level. (Hollywood Life)

Ouch! Once again, if Kimmel hadn’t had the statement from Kanye, then Kim would like have been spared in this case. There’s no telling how far all of this will go but it’s certain to have a lot of people laughing. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Game Over

Hopefully games like Madden are going to hold college football fans over for a while because the popular NCAA franchise EA Sports has held onto for years is coming to an immediate end. It was speculated things would not end nicely but to see it come to a wrap like this? Ouch. Free OnSmash has it covered:

In some not shocking news for the day (at least from our perspectives observing legal situations the past few months), Electronic Arts has indeed cancelled its College Football series indefinitely. This doesn’t mean the series will never come back, but in the foreseeable future NCAA Football 14 might be getting some spin in your gaming que the next few years. Over the summer in July, an official announcement from the NCAA committee released saying they would not renew their contract with EA; essentially deciding the games fate before EA’s press release today.

The announcement today now comes from the company after years of trying to settle lawsuits with high-profile college players seeking to be paid for (see photo above), but with no agreement made. Last month, Southeastern Conference, Big Ten and Pac-12 joined the NCAA saying they would longer license their conference trademarks for the game; which put EA in a bad position of delivering a game that people would actually pay for.

According to data released by Collegiate Licensing Company, the EA College Football franchise provided more licensing royalties any other non-apparel license, but that wasn’t enough for the NCAA to stand by them. After the jump, you can take a look at the official press release from EA Sports. (Free OnSmash)

There’s really no happy ending here for college football fans other than the fact there’s always going to be a Madden game. But for those of us out there that like to go with their favorite college team and take on their conference’s top contenders are going to have to come up with a Plan B while EA Sports scrambles for a real solution. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Take Em Off

Nicki Minaj has turned into the talk of the Internet all week long, especially with a nip slip and now fresh underwear? A week after Drake appeared on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Nicki followed suit and brought some big laughs but none bigger than when she received some special undies courtesy of the female comedienne. Miss Info TV has the craziness:

After Drizzy Drake appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show last week, Nicki Minaj followed in his labelmate’s footsteps and stepped into the hotseat earlier today. Their chat was pretty standard as Nicki fielded questions about her time as a judge on American Idol and upcoming movie with Cameron Diaz. Things got a lil weird when Ellen gifted the Queens barbie with a suspect looking thong. Hmmm… (Miss Info TV)

You have to love Ellen’s humor, unless there was a subliminal message attached to those undies. Nicki’s turned into much more than just a rapper over these past 24 months and her on-screen appeal is only growing. What’s next for the Barbie? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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    Does Nicki even wear underwear? lol

    • so_disrespectful

      well alot of off women don’t,so it would be surprising if she didn’t.

  • AboveYou

    So EA Sports and the NCAA are supposed to profit in the tens of millions off of these guys’ images and likenesses, but players can get suspended for signing autographs for a fee? How is that ok in any way? Why should schools and the NCAA makes millions off of jerseys and posters autographed copied t shirts but the actual players can’t? There are no honest and legitimate answers to those questions without admitting pure hypocritical greed on the part of the NCAA.

    • EfBe

      Well said

  • adam pitterson

    Ncaa 14 was the best one anyway