Kim K Receives Booty Challenge, Method Man & Redman Smoke 24-Karat Blunt, Ja Rule’s Big Screen Flop?

Frenzy Friday. It’s a day that’s filled with frenzies so why not go berzerk and start things off with Kim Kardashian receiving a bootyful challenge? Uh-oh. Speaking of challenges, there’s not much challenging Method Man and Redman when it comes to smoking, especially gold blunts? If they needed something to smoke to, it sounds like Ja Rule’s newest movie might be the best pick? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. There Is No Competition

It’s no disrespect to any woman who does not happen to be named Kim Kardashian, but if you’re trying to do a booty face-off with Kim Kakes, it might help if you actually have something to show off. Unfortunately, one particular woman didn’t get the memo and took up the challenge anyway. TMZ has the side-to-side comparison:

Here’s 26-year old pro surfer Anastasia Ashley and the woman she’s attempting to steal ass glory from … Kim Kardashian. Even though both are packing major booty heat — the question is … (TMZ)

Cute face? Check. Skinny body? Check. Kim K curves? No way. Hopefully people can apprecaite this surfer woman for who she is but for the time being, it looks like Kim’s going unchallenged. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. How High: All-Gold Everything Edition

Are Method Man and Redman too high to make the best decisions in life? Probably not but you would think so if you saw them rolling up and smoking 24-karat gold blunts. Isn’t that dangerous? TMZ is once again on it:

Method Man and Redman have money to burn … literally — and they proved it this morning in Canada by showing off a blunt they smoked made of 24-karat gold.

Redman proudly displayed the golden L on Instagram this morning … and said it was the first one available for purchase in Calgary.

M & R didn’t offer up much more info — but a pack of smaller golden joints costs around $55 bucks.

We’re guessing the session sounded something like this. (TMZ)

Isn’t this just too much for Redman and Method Man? Sure, Willie Nelson still goes hard but to the extent Red and Meth are going? Rapping in their 40’s is one thing, but smoking gold blunts in their 40’s? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Now Showing

We shouldn’t make fun of Ja Rule’s attempt at making or at least getting his acting career back on track. It turns out his new I’m In Love W/ A Church Girl might be a bit too much for any fan or non-fan of Ja Rule to experience. The reviews aren’t exactly pleasant. Complex has a spin on this:

Filmed in 2010, I’m in Love With a Church Girl collected dust—presumably in a confessional somewhere in California—for two years while Ja Rule served his 28-month prison bid for tax evasion. During that time, co-star Stephen Baldwin, who plays the take-no-prisoners DEA agent on Miles’ trail, endlessly told his kids about the movie he’d made with that rapper guy, in between writing fan letters to Rush Limbaugh; fellow co-star Michael Madsen (cast as the other DEA agent), meanwhile, probably overloaded Quentin Tarantino’s voicemail begging, unsuccessfully, for a role in Django Unchained.

One can picture 50 Cent someday viewing the film for shits and giggles and spitting out his Glaceau Vitamin Water over its silliness. One of Miles’ criminal connects is a white Malibu’s Most Wanted reject who tells Miles he’s “just tryin’ to make a dollar out of 15 cents,” before ending their phone call with, “One love, baby.” Compared to Miles’ crew, though, he’s Tony Montana. California’s most infamous drug pusher rolls with, in no particular order, a chubby-faced goon who looks like a softer Jerry “Turtle” Ferrara, a pasty honky with a fro-hawk who’s a dead ringer for the ShamWow! guy, and a broke ass Chino XL. A slow-motion shot of them working together toward the camera wants to be “gangsta” like Reservoir Dogs but makes Boo the Dog seem like The Chronic-era Calvin Broadus. If 50 Cent’s ever bored enough to record “Back Down Pt. 2,” I’m in Love With a Church Girl provides enough fodder for a 60-bar verse. (Complex)

There’s a lot more hilarious text to read courtesy of the people at Complex, so make sure to sit back and read the breakdown. Could this be some quick cash for Ja or is he really going to invest his career into gospel flicks? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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