Kayla Brianna, “I Got That”

Kayla Brianna - 1

With a career 10 years in the making—not overnight as some might like to think—rising R&B artist, Kayla Brianna is hitting the scene hard with her new single, “I Got That,” featuring Meek Mill. Naming the MMG MC as one of her favorite artists, she knew she had to get him on a track, and here it is. So if you’re looking for the latest from Meek Mill and ready to see what Kayla Brianna has to offer, check out her top five reasons to purchase her hot “I Got That” single.

1. #TeamTurnUp

It’s a good turn up song. When you’re ready to go out, when you’re ready to hit the club and when you’re just ready to turn up, “I Got That,” is the song!
Reason 2: Meek Mill

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