Kanye West to Martin Luther King Jr.


For Black History Month, SOHH’s testing out your knowledge with a little Six Degrees of Separation trivia, seeing if you can connect the dots to find out how a modern day famous Black entertainer connects back more than three decades into the past.

Can you guess how music mogul Kanye West relates to civil rights’ activist Martin Luther King, Jr.?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002070883184 Real McCoy

    T-Pain is definitely from florida

  • TheFlash

    That list is not six degrees of separation. You made the last degree have a city as the connecting piece while the other degrees are people knowing people. Using that logic you could have just made a one degree of separation “KANYE WEST TO MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.” list using North America as the connecting piece; you could have even just said they were both in the same solar system.