Kanye West – Stop Sucking Yourself

Kanye West must have had two ribs removed because this guy stays sucking himself.

Musicially, I like Kanye West but personally I can’t stand the guy.

First, he’s bitching about not being acknowledged by Dick Clark. Now he’s thinking about making magazines to pay him to be on their covers.


“These magazines make money from ads and subscriptions. But I know that part of what drives subscriptions and ads is who these magazines put on the cover, so if you’re putting me on the cover and people are buying your magazine because of me, why shouldn’t I get paid to be on that cover? You are going to have to pay me to do magazine covers now!”

It’s statments like these where you can clearly see how a good education would help him. Allow me to give old boy a crash course in ‘ONE HAND WASHES THE OTHER 101′. Kanye, magazine covers give you exposure. While it’s true that popular artists help the sales of magazines, it’s also helps boost sales for the artists. When people see an artist on every magazine cover, people tend to follow the hype and buy the album.

The question is should record labels pay publications for the exposure?

Oh wait. They do that now…

Kanye West = SOHH Stupid