Kanye West Sparks Huge TV Ratings, GTA Online’s Horrific Findings, OKC Star Punches Man & His Sister?

Frenzy Friday. It’s a frenzy day so why not start it all off with Kanye West showing why he’s really black star power? Speaking of power, did Grand Theft Auto Online go too far with its own? Someone who went too far is allegedly Kendrick Perkins of the Oklahoma City Thunder. All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Yeezy Taught Me

It can argued in a million ways why Kanye West is good and bad for culture. Not only hip-hop, Kanye has an influence on the world and especially trends that go far beyond the United States. But even more important is no matter when he talks, people pay attention and he proved that this week by appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and letting out his emotions. Los Angeles Times is all over the ratings he sparked:

Maybe Jimmy Kimmel should get into rap feuds more often.

Kanye West appeared on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday night to clear the air after a spat with the late-night host over a skit that made fun of the rapper.

West’s visit boosted ratings for Kimmel’s show, according to early numbers from Nielsen. In the 25 markets with local people meters, Kimmel drew a 1.2 rating in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 age group demographic, beating both Jay Leno and David Letterman.

“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” drew a 0.7 rating, while “The Late Show with David Letterman” got a 0.5. Keep in mind that the local people meter numbers tend to skew toward the younger demographic. The 1.2 rating is equal to Kimmel’s show last Thursday, the night of “Scandal’s” big premiere on ABC. Not including the telecasts helped by the NBA finals in June, it’s the best score the show has garnered in the 18-49 demographic since it moved into its 11:35 p.m. time slot last year. (Los Angeles Times)

Should Jimmy Kimmel send over a box of chocolates, champagne and flowers to KimYe for this? No matter what the ratings are, Kanye kept it 100 and was a gentleman about coming out and speaking on his issues. There’s no denying that. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. So Far Gone

Has Grand Theft Auto V, specifically, Grand Theft Auto Online, gone too far? While the masses scream for more freedom and realism, is there a limit that should be placed? It turns out people are enjoying the game’s online mode for some of the worst reasons. Guardian LV is on it:

Ten days after the official launch of GTA V Online, the game’s creators are being petitioned due to the portrayal of extreme hunting and animal abuse in the game. Gamers are able at any time to take out their character’s frustrations on the local urban wildlife such as dogs and chickens, and a hunting option is available later on in the game. These features have parents, animal lovers and activists upset with the game developers.

At a certain point in gameplay, GTA V Online players will gain control over the character of “Trevor”; using this character, they must complete the “Strangers and Freaks?” mission, after which they are introduced to Cletus. Cletus is a hunting fanatic who teaches the gamer how to target and shoot coyotes, as well as car tires and satellites. With this basic training, gamers can travel to Bayview Lodge in the Paleto Forest and partake of many different hunting missions.

Grand Theft Auto, one of the most popular video games of all time, has a reputation as a violent, misogynistic game that allows its players to beat each other senseless or kill one another for profit. This is the first GTA release where the violence is not confined to the human race. Dogs, sharks, ducks, chickens, cougars, deer and other species are the target of violent hunting methods and even abuse that is unnecessary to the plot. The violent content of the latest GTA release has prompted an online petition to the game’s creator, RockStarGames, to tone it down.

More than 10 000 signatures have already been gathered via The Petition Site. Signatories accuse game creators of choosing profits over ethics, stating:

We the undersigned are appalled at the violence in Grand Theft Auto V, much of which is directed at animals. It is far too easy for gaming violence to cross over to real world violence–when the target is helpless to defend itself. Gaming violence against humans can not easily be duplicated in real life because of laws and social pressures that prevent such cruelty. The same, lamentably, cannot be said for animals.

People protesting the game are concerned that children and adults alike are being given poor social cues that make them think animal abuse is funny and unimportant. The animal rights group In Defense of Animals has gone so far as to call a boycott of GTA V because it believes that the game’s creators have painted a virtual target on the backs of real, living animals.

Petitioners say “Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular video games of all time. It’s time for its publisher to take some ethical responsibility for its content. Tell RockstarGames not to promote violence to animals in its games!” RockStarGames has already faced a great deal of backlash for its portrayal of animal violence and abuse in the game Red Dead Redemption, wherein players hunt and kill over 30 species of animal. The creators seem either oblivious to the protests over GTA V Online, or simply nonchalant about the frequent animal abuse and extreme measures of hunting portrayed in the game. The following videos show the hunting segment and the rampant abuse of a virtual dog. (Guardian LV)

Even though there are YouTube videos of the gameplay interactions with animals, I am going to take the liberty of not posting them in here. After watching the clips, it really leaves a sour taste in your mouth and stomach. After seeing this, has your opinion changed? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. When It Rains, It Thunders

Are the Oklahoma City Thunder done for before the season has even started? You would think so when you think about the path they have taken these past 12 months, starting with James Harden going to the Houston Rockets and exploding with Russell Westbrook’s injuries and now Kendrick Perkins being accused of punching a man and sister? Complex has the skinny:

The 2013-14 NBA season is not getting off to a good start for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Last week, the team announced that their starting point guard Russell Westbrook just had to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery and will miss at least the first month of the season. And now comes the news that their center Kendrick Perkins is facing assault charges after allegedly attacking a man and his sister outside of a nightclub in Houston, Texas back in July.

According to police, Perkins, his brother-in-law Quincy Alpough, and Alpough’s female cousin were inside of a car that accidentally backed into another car at a nightclub called Nox in July. After the minor fender-bender, the drivers of both cars got out to talk to one another. But it escalated into an altercation rather quickly, and it allegedly ended with Perkins getting out of the car that he was in and punching a brother and a sister who were riding in the other car. Alpough also stands accused of assaulting the man and woman. And while charges against Perkins and Alpough were initially dropped, the case was just re-opened and the pair are once again being charged with assault.

“We were made aware of the allegations and take this matter seriously,” Thunder general manager Sam Presti said late yesterday. “We are in the process of gathering more information and have no further comment at this time.”

Hopefully, this situation wasn’t as bad as it sounds. But either way, this is one more hurdle that the Thunder have to overcome right now. It’s not the way they wanted to start their season. (Complex)

Could things get any worse? If you’re a Thunder fan or sports fan in general, you’d hope there’s no truth to this and no one was hurt but knowing Perkins’ on-court aggression, it’s hard to think of him not losing his cool. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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  • Josh Wilmo

    yeah but trevor is on story mode not online….and why are people catching feeling when these things are in real life….i don’t get it////it’s a freaking video game for god sake

    • EniggaMA

      Yea forget about all the crimes and murders on AI people its all about the AI animals.


    Gotta agree, that grand theft auto v multi-player mode is fun but you shouldn’t be able to hurt the animals like that. Not trying to sound preachy but that’s wrong.

  • kezirely

    What about duck hunt?

  • Ben Walton

    Did they seriously say, “Parents… Up in arms…” What parent is letting their child play GTA5 in the first place??? They have a whole pile of other issues to deal with if any parent is letting a child (or teen) play this game and they decide to draw the line at killing animals. And then wait, it’s cool as long as people are killed, but not a freaking shark??? I’m sorry folks are being too sensitive in the context of what this game is. Either have an issue with the entire game or no issue at all.

  • adam pitterson

    1st off, fuck PETA and this soft ass writer. You can kill HUMANS in gta. But bcz u can shoot a deer? FOH

  • Jared

    No one ever questions the percentage of animals PETA kills.

  • Jose Maria

    Shit like this leads me to believe this world is filled with people full of shit. Pretty sad that a big deal is being made over a video game. You know how in movies they put “No animals were injured in this film?” (When animal violence take place in movies). Thats acceptable right? Then why is a video game not accepted? PETA, shut the fuck up. Lame ass waste of time. I doubt every single person in PETA is a fucking vegan. Go for animal killers in real life. Dumb ass organization.

  • Fuck Your Story LOL

    The Fuck?? Let’s kills cops, sell drugs, steal cars, fuck and yet people want to get soft when it comes to a damn animal (which I remind you all this bullshit is fucking FAKE!) it’s not like you kill a deer in the game and one deer out there in the woods falls the fuck out. So fuck PETA and their overly sensitive asses and fuck the bitcha sw parents that let their children plan the game and fuck anybody else who agrees with them. Now let me put this game in and kill a few animals. LMFAO!!!

  • Victor Feliciano

    smh how they mad about the gta 5 content when the animals in it are not real? some people are to dam sensitive.. an plus most likely its a mother or father who bought the game for THIER UNDER AGED KIDS!!! an complain after.. how about be parents an follow the game ratings instead of fighting for animals who aren’t real

  • Andrew Gedrose

    What kind of pussy cant handle watching a deer get shot in a video game? Somebody needs a wedgie.