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Today may mark the end of SOHH’s Spring Travel & Fashion Guide, but we wouldn’t let you get ready to hit the airport without making sure you were properly fitted from head to toe. Since we’ve made sure your clothing and accessories are taken care of, we want to make sure your kicks are just as fly. So before you step on the plane make sure you are rocking j75 by JUMP on your feet—the most fashion forward shoe line around. With fashion brand that’s more than just pretty colors and catchy designs, J76 by JUMP’s Kevan Greene is here to give you five reasons why you can’t hit the South of France without these sneakers packed.

1. More Value Added

We are always focused on value added design. We’re a mid to better-grade style house with popular to mid-tier pricing.

2. Pure Creativity

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As a design house, we are not only a fashion design company, but we are our own creative company which allows us to produce what we believe in most without having to worry about pre-selling everything. This strategy allows us to present new fashion trends to the market by the time our customers are just realizing the trend is sure. When I say our customers, I ‘m talking about two specific and distinctly different groups of people because we’re a wholesaler and we’re a retailer. As a wholesaler, we have to please, support and fulfill the needs of the buyers that buy from us. Ultimately, we’re all focused on the same group: that’s the ultimate consumer—we live and buy them. But the most crucial element in the equation is our wholesale clients; those are people like Journeys and Underground Station, and we do business with a great number of Internet retailers like Amazon.

3. Key Performance

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We are not the sort of design house that just puts product out there and waits for it to sell. We do consistent test marketing all the time, and what we do to accomplish that goal is implement very small runs of new design ideas and get them in the hands of our customers—wholesale and retail—to see how they perform and if they perform well.

4. Fine Tuned Fashion

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We’re in a consistent mode of fine tuning what we look like, when we deliver it, what our price points are, what materials we use, what colors are most prevalent, etc… We don’t just design a collection at the beginning of the season, wait for it to sell or not sell, and then do the next season. Design is a full-time job.

5. Get Noticed

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We have carved ourselves a niche in the young fashion market, and stay quite true to that. We know that we’re not everything to everybody, and we know that we never will be…[but] any of the ways we share our message with the public, our mantra is, J75: Get Noticed, and we mean it. The customer to whom we market really wants to be noticed, and fashion is a vehicle for accomplishing that…there are two kinds of customers, those who want to blend into the crowd and those who want to stand out from it, and that’s the niche that we continue to carve for ourselves.

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  • justyouraverage

    They look like supras crossed with Adidas but these are lame

    • C- SHARP

      ahahahahaha they reallly do!

  • C- SHARP